Alphr Finance: Why We Invested

Jun 16 - Aydan Flemmings
Alphr Finance: Why We Invested

Alphr Finance: Why We Invested

The cryptocurrency market is rapidly gaining traction among the masses, and more individuals are considering investing every day. However, the volatility of the market and the intricacies of intraday trading make many new investors lose money and exit entirely. Novice investors frantically seek guidance from influencers and often want to model their portfolios after more seasoned investors. Despite this, a platform that helps new investors by copying the trades of seasoned investors has never been implemented on a decentralized exchange. Until now, Alphr is a decentralized social trading platform that enables you to find the best-performing wallets in crypto and mirror them.

Other solutions on the market do not give full transparency to the user because they are CEX-based. Users have access to live-feed order books and the win-to-loss ratio of the mirrored trader, which leaves investors with less than an optimal amount of data on trade-specific details.

Further, the solutions available on centralized platforms are bottlenecked by the limited trade volume and platform-specific users whom traders can mirror. The token selection available for trading within the centralized exchange is also limited to the pair options available on the given platform. These characteristics make the potential options traders have access to on a CEX scarce.

Alphr offers a decentralized version of mirror trading that combats trust and transparency issues for the end-user. Transparency is achieved by tracking the history of a trader’s address and creating a risk score based on their prior performance. With all transaction history available on the blockchain, all information is unshrouded and specific details are available for Alphr users. This allows users to be confident in the legitimacy of the trade and gives them the requisite knowledge needed when deciding which trades to mirror.

Alphr also aims to provide the most comprehensive cross-chain solution, allowing users to mirror traders on various DEXs across different blockchains, such as Uniswap for ETH and Pancakeswap for BSC. This positions Alphr as a comprehensive mirroring protocol for assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polkadot. Further, many traders who want to mirror trades involving small market cap tokens will have the ability to do so with the Alphr platform.

These solutions are among the reasons why Alphr has gained the confidence of GD10 among other illustrious investors, including AU21, Paid Network, and Master Ventures. These key investors have proven their selection efficacy as evidenced by their high-performing portfolios.

Alpha’s initial market cap is $1,025,000, with an initial circulating supply of 683,333 tokens. 20% of the total token supply is allocated to the development fund, which is controlled by token holders offering incentives to protocol upkeep and improvement. Also, 15% of the token supply is allocated to liquidity, which will ensure a healthy trading buffer.

In today’s markets, many novice traders lose money, causing them to exit or look for profitable, user-friendly solutions. Currently, one solution available is CEX mirror trading; which provides users with limited trade data on the mirrored trades and minimal token pair options. Alphr will be the first to offer decentralized Automated Mirror Trading, giving users a high level of transparency and cross-chain capability. These critical factors, along with Alphr’s first-mover market advantage and economic model, make it an attractive addition to GD10’s portfolio.

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By Aydan Flemmings

Graphic Design by Caelan Flemmings 

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