Animalia Partnership Recap

Dec 10 - Caelan Flemmings
Animalia Partnership Recap

Greeting Animalia Community!

With great pleasure, we announce that the Animalia team has formed several new strategic partnerships with top high-level VCs, media agencies, and top-tier crypto influencers. With their guidance, insight, and influence, we will be able to deliver Animalia to the masses while ensuring the long-term sustainability of our gaming platform.

Please take a moment to read about these dynamic new partnerships and the value they provide to the Animalia team and community.

Master Ventures

Master Ventures is focused on helping the next generation of blockchain-based companies raise funds and build strong communities. They are a driving force in the mass adoption of blockchain technology, and their impressive resume of investment projects is a clear example of their efforts. Master Ventures has invested in top-tier projects such as Coinbase, Reef, Bitfinex, DAO maker, Thorchain, Elrond, Kraken, and many others. They are a valuable strategic partner for every project they support and strive to seek out true market disruptors with innovative ideas and technology.


TrustPad’s commitment to providing their community with “quality over quantity” has helped propel many DeFi projects of the highest pedigree towards sustainable long-term growth. It operates primarily on BSC; however, TrustPad also integrates blockchains such as Polygon, Ethereum, Polkadot, and Cardano. The multichain interoperability of Trustpad boosts the exposure that early-stage projects need, assuring IDOs are met with a large number of motivated investors. Further adding to their credibility, TrustPad has successfully passed two audits by Certik and QuillAudits — and did so with flying colors.


ASH WSB is a well-known influencer on several major social media platforms. His Twitter boasts an impressive 388K followers, while his Telegram features over 120K subscribers. ASH WSB only lends his support to projects he believes possess the potential to become true market leaders. We are thrilled to have him as an influencer-based partner and look forward to connecting with his robust and active community.

X21 Digital

X21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm devoted to helping accelerate the growth of promising early-stage blockchain projects. Their dedicated team offers optimal strategic advice based on decades of experience in DeFi and Financial industries. With their guidance, X21 Digital has helped over 40 projects cut the line, so to speak, and quickly achieve a path to success. Their impressive portfolio includes Sienna Network, Meta Wars, Bloktopia, Star Atlas, and many others.


BSCNews was founded in 2020 and, in a short time, has become the go-to platform for DeFi news on Binance Smart Chain. They are the first media outlet dedicated to BSC and employ a team that strives to provide a comprehensive analysis of market action, opinion pieces, and informative articles about promising up-and-coming blockchain projects. Through their website, social media, podcasts, and research, BSCNews informs and educates the DeFi investment community worldwide.

Crypto Banter

With over half a million Youtube subscribers, Crypto Banter delivers the latest in market updates, crypto news, and fundamentals of the blockchain world. Based out of South Africa, Crypto Banter has quickly risen through the ranks as a trusted voice in the crypto community. Other social media channels include Twitter, which is followed by over 200K accounts, and a Telegram channel with over 40K active members.

Gains Associates

Gains Associates aims to remove the barriers of entry faced by new investors to DeFi. As a completely decentralized VC, Gains Associates offers retail traders the same opportunities to get in early with promising blockchain projects, much like the way large financial institutions do. Their team carefully scrutinizes every project they support to verify the team’s qualifications and the legitimacy behind the project’s fundamentals. They currently support BSC and Ethereum based projects, with more chains to be added soon.

Moving Forward Together

We would like to thank our newest partners for putting their faith in Animalia, and we look forward to many great years together. On this note, we would also like to thank our community for their unwavering support since day one. We are confident these partnerships will help bring the exposure needed to grow the Animalia ecosystem, benefitting all who are a part of it.

To better understand the underlying technology and tokenomics that make up the Animalia Kingdom, check out our whitepaper here.

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