Animalia Welcomes Pro Hearthstone Gamer 'Warma' and Top Tier Backers

Nov 06 - Caelan Flemmings
Animalia Welcomes Pro Hearthstone Gamer 'Warma' and Top Tier Backers


Hello Animalia Community!

We would like to start by thanking every one of you for the mind-blowing enthusiasm and support you have shown us. It has become quite clear to us that you are very excited for the launch of our much anticipated NFT trading card game and like you, we are ready to revolutionize GameFi and deliver something truly unique to NFT gamers around the world.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes forming alliances with some of DeFi’s most respected VCs and have brought on board an advisor that we believe will provide an extra element of expertise that will ultimately benefit you, our beloved community.

GD10 Ventures

GD10 is a Web3 investment firm that has supported some of the most promising projects to date. They have an impressive selective portfolio with over 50 tier 1 investments, with a highly experienced team that has held reputable roles across major projects.

Their unabating support of start-ups, in addition to having one of the most sought-after advisories and marketing firms, has led to a string of reputable successes, sustainable project growth, and token value stability.

GD10 Ventures focuses on projects that tackle particular pain points in Web3 and blockchain. Their goals are to navigate start-ups to mass adoption by leveraging their network of social media influencers, launchpads, large communities, exchanges, growth marketers, and strategic partners.

Exnetwork Capital

Founded in 2018 by Eric Su and Dric Yao, Exnetwork Capital set out to provide retail crypto traders with ample opportunities to invest in early-stage blockchain projects, and their specific criteria when selecting projects to support that can be summed up in one phrase: Market Disruptors.

The Exnetwork incubator is run by a team of allies that deliver long-lasting results when building a robust community around up-and-coming projects. This is accomplished by installing DAOs and rigid decentralized requirements.

Synapse Network

Synapse Network’s revolutionary accelerator and launchpad provide a unique and effective element for top-tier blockchain projects by connecting retail investors in traditional markets (CeFi) with the world of DeFi.

They also feature an institutional product stream that enables companies from traditional markets to use crypto as a reliable investment vehicle and a transactional asset for their daily operations. It will also offer innovative crypto-friendly solutions to facilitate the seamless exchange of crypto to fiat easily for companies struggling with this problem.

With over 20 years of experience in areas such as blockchain solutions, traditional banking, start-ups, and other business-related industries, Synapse proves to be an invaluable partner for us as we enter a highly competitive NFT gaming space. The institutional stream enables companies in CeFi to safely invest in crypto and provide helpful crypto-based solutions to allow for a smooth exchange between crypto and fiat.

Halvings Capital

Halvings Capital is a premier blockchain investment firm that focuses on helping projects of the highest pedigree in key marketing areas. They are largely based in Italy, however, have made a resounding impact with crypto communities across Europe.

We are confident their network of key opinion leaders and influencers will provide Animalia with the exposure it needs to tap into the lucrative Italian and European crypto gaming market.


Safelaunch is a project incubator and launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain. Its recognition and safety protocols are second to none, as is their stringent vetting process of every project they present to their highly active community. This creates a perfect harmony in DeFi that all but assures long-term success for both developers and investors.

Lavender Capital

Lavender Capital strives to help top-tier crypto and blockchain projects raise the funding and exposure needed to ensure long-term sustainable growth that benefits projects, investors, and the entire DeFi community. Their team brings over 20 years of experience in areas such as marketing, digital assets, and blockchain technology, providing ample support and knowledge for every team they work with.

Warma (Game Advisor)

Enzo “Warma” Floch is a top-ranked Hearthstone player and the latest key addition to our advisory board. Hearthstone presents many parallels to Animalia, as it too is a digital collectible card game built upon the lore of mystic PVP battle games. Warma’s experience in the field of gaming is a huge asset and his insights will give us a firsthand look from a player’s perspective on how to improve our overall gameplay to ensure it is equitable and enjoyable for all Animalia players.

Prepare to Unleash the Beasts

Whether you’re fighting for the Bull Titan or Bear Titan team, our goal is to ensure that your Animalia gaming experience is both equitable and enjoyable. With these partners on board, we are confident the Animalia team can receive the exposure and input necessary to continue growing our ecosystem and deliver more exciting features to our community.

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