Babylons Staking is Now Live! How to Stake $BABI and Earn, While We Buyback and Burn!

Sep 13 - Mitchell Keller
Babylons Staking is Now Live! How to Stake $BABI and Earn, While We Buyback and Burn!

Babylons is DeFi’s first-ever community-governed NFT Platform on Binance Smart Chain. Our DAO governance structure allows Babylons Community Members to enjoy special privileges such as voting rights, weekly airdrops, and the ability to collect, trade, and mint NFTs. More importantly, we are deeply focused on the rapid rise of GameFi and have etched out our spot as a preferred NFT game partner as a gaming NFT asset aggregator. In other words, we are your one-stop-shop for booster packs. Now, finally, you can stake our native token for more rewards!

We are pleased to announce that staking on the Babylons platform is now live and $BABI holders can stake their tokens to enjoy earning a passive income through It is yet another example of Babylons proving to be a leader in the NFT space that continuously strives to empower and reward its community.

Unique Staking Rewards

To ensure that $BABI holders had more incentives to stake their tokens, we created the most efficient and rewarding staking model on the market. To accomplish this, we found it necessary to counterbalance the inflationary mechanics that are associated with staking by implementing a deflationary process in our weekly buyback and burn system.

25% of our weekly proceeds will be bought back and locked away by smart contracts. A further 20% will be bought back for the purpose of burning. Half of this amount will be burned instantly, while the other half will accumulate with token buybacks in the following weeks and burned collectively after six months. Within our staking mechanics, we created 2 staking pools using Ferrum Network’s technology to satisfy our community of stakers discussed below and mentioned above.

Staking $BABI Through Ferrum’s Flexible White Glove Staking Service

With the emergence of DeFi and the appeal of passive income, staking has taken on a fresh new relevance. Unfortunately, staking and liquidity farming has been chiefly reserved for big-cap projects with mainnet, leaving hundreds of exciting new projects with few flexible options to offer staking and liquidity farming for their token.

This gap in the market is why we built our flexible DeFi Staking Platform. Participants lock their tokens and earn high yields based on the length of time staked. It’s like a decentralized high-yield bank account, with maximum customization for projects and flexibility for participants!

Staking Pools are LIVE now on BSC Network at .

The following are the terms for staking in Babylons pool:

$BABI Native Short Pool

Full maturity: 90 days (40% APY)

Days of Mandatory Lock to receive rewards: 45 days

Early withdrawal: 45 days (5% APY)

Staking Cap: 3,000,000 $BABI tokens

Contributions Close on 22/09/2021 at 17 UTC

$BABI Native Long Pool

Full maturity: 180 days (80% APY)

Days of Mandatory Lock to receive rewards: 90 days

Early withdrawal: 90 days (10% APY)

Staking Cap: 3,000,000 $BABI tokens

Contributions Close on 22/09/2021 at 17 UTC

Making a Positive Impact on the NFT Market

We want to thank the Babylons community for their participation in our recent IDO. Our launch went better than we could have ever hoped for, and your tremendous support throughout this entire process continues to motivate our team to find new ways to create opportunities that benefit every holder in the Babylons ecosystem, and the NFT marketplace as a whole.

About Babylons

Babylons is a next-generation NFT marketplace with low-cost minting, weekly rewards, and DAO governance that puts the power in the hands of the community.

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