Blockchain Monster Hunt: Hunting Ultra-Rare NFT Monsters

Sep 13 - Mitchell Keller
Blockchain Monster Hunt: Hunting Ultra-Rare NFT Monsters

Decentralized Gaming (DeGame) is the newest phenomenon in the digital world. Unlike Xbox games and the games on the Playstation consoles, DeGames reside on the blockchain, with the ability to earn forming an integral attraction for users. Despite its newness, DeGames have proven to have what it takes to take on the existing options, especially with the rapid evolution that is currently going on in space.

Notably, DeGames have a drawback as the majority of options around are monotonous, which can fuel boredom amongst players. This is a threat to the future of blockchain gaming as it can reduce the level of interest and mainstream adoption if left unchecked.

Blockchain Monster Hunt is set to take the industry by storm, with our sights firmly set on being a top 10 blockchain game. As the first cross chain game, our confidence stems from our tremendous experience in creating well-acclaimed blockchain games including the ChainGuardians RPG game. With its creative solutions, the development of DeGames has been placed on a new pedestal with calls on all game lovers to come to enjoy the experience it offers.

A Dive into Blockchain Monster Hunt’s Creative Solution

Recreating an experience is one of the most effective ways to do things better. The same is now evident in the blockchain gaming world, as the ingenuity of the Blockchain Monster Hunt game with its creative solutions to enhancing participation experiences for all players. The emergence of Blockchain Monster Hunt introduces extensive options to earn valuable rewards from the game’s expansive metaverse. Through the Monster NFTs that can be captured in the game’s metaverse, more valuable rewards can be earned. However, hunting in BCMH is a different experience entirely, we have no control over the outlook of the game, monsters appear and are generated purely from the attributes of the blockchain you are playing on. Marking BCMH as the first truly decentralized gaming experience from top to bottom. In all, Blockchain Monster Hunt seeks to reward user’s thrilling participation in-game with a passive income.

A quick dive into our solutions are outlined below.

A New Hunt Begins on Every Block

The Blockchain Monster Hunt game, its functionality, and reward mechanism are based on the building blocks of each of the blockchains networks that the gaming protocol supports. The Blockchain Monster Hunt contract divides these blocks into 4 categories. The first two of which we will look at are the Catch Block and the Battle Block.

The Catch block is a hyper-realistic space in the game’s metaverse that lets players catch rare monsters, which are designed as Non-Fungible Tokens. For the Catch block, 1 rare Blockchain Monster is released randomly during blockchain validations. While there is a simple guide to how players can catch these monsters which could either be wild or artificial, there are things to do that can increase the player’s chances of successfully catching the monsters. This includes spending a higher amount of time playing the game or holding a certain amount of the platform’s native token, the Blockchain Monster Coin (BCMC).

The Battle Block is a free-to-play arena where players can earn BCMC tokens as rewards. An abundance of actions take place in the Battle Block and while there are chances to earn rewards from the gaming activities here, there is also a possibility to lose one’s assets. Players can stake their BCMC token in order to access high reward areas within the block, and the BCMC reward scales with Blockchain World Difficulty, as difficulty increases, the amount of BCMC rewards decreases for low BR battles.

In all, users can seek extra lives to preserve their monster’s longevity. The Battle Block is for high risk and high reward.

Built-in Breaks to Keep Hunters Fresh

The other two block categories are featured here and they include the Cool Down Block and the Commercial Block.

The Blockchain Monster Hunt game is a high-activity game. To achieve a good balance, chain moderation is essential, and this Cool Down Block is what guarantees this necessary moderation. The Cool Down Block is generally an unoccupied block. However, when you encountering a glittering version of this block it contains an ultra-rare NFT that could appear only once every few years. The rarest of which will be on the Ethereum Network.

The Commercial Block is ideal for cross-chain collaborations of Blockchain Monsters and the entire digital currency industry. Advertisements, gift cards, Partner NFT, and holiday events are featured here. Players can be gifted the Partner NFTs, and the offerings made possible by the Commercial Block enhance the overall functionality of the gaming protocol.

So Many Ways To Earn

The multiple options available to get involved in the Blockchain Monster Hunt game are further powered with the ability to borrow BCM for use in the Battle arena. This loaning feature is an advanced function that will give experienced players the opportunity to earn BCMC rewards without paying the sum to directly own the monsters that can be used in battles. Lenders of BCM also benefit from the flexibility that the loan offers as they can earn extra rewards on their monster collections that would have been left dormant.

The loan request is often administered on a first-come, first-served basis.

What We Are

The functionality of the BCM gaming protocol, which allows an extensive amount of gamified validation block areas within its world, showcases the ingenuity of DeGames, with the underlying target to fuel user’s thrill and earning potential. With the protocol’s diverse reward system, a standard is being created for future game developments to follow in the assured evolution of the blockchain-based gaming world.

Become a Blockchain Monster Hunter

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