Blockchain Monster Hunt: Meet The Monsters

Oct 15 - Mitchell Keller
Blockchain Monster Hunt: Meet The Monsters

There has yet to be a blockchain game on the market that has truly embraced the decentralized ecosystem with a complete on-chain experience. With Blockchain Monster Hunt (BCMH), our team strives to become the first-ever multi-chain game, running entirely on the blockchain itself. In the game, users can continuously explore new places on the blockchain to hunt and battle monsters. Each block on the chain is unique and is home to a limited number of monsters of varying rarities. Players are then given the opportunity to hunt or battle for a chance to capture these unique monsters and earn coins. But, why does this matter? And what is your role in all of this? To help paint the picture, let’s start with the backstory.


Back in September 2021, a team of developers was analyzing the cryptographic hash functions of multiple blockchains. In doing so, they ended up discovering a ‘living’ species that was evolving rapidly and existed only on the blockchain. These creatures, also called “Monsters,” were unique in appearance and uttered different sounds. They each had different attributes and a unique digital fingerprint. To date, scientists have discovered nearly 500 wild species. While some of these species were cute and friendly, others were surprisingly evil and dangerous. The real concern became apparent, as these evil monsters were not only attacking the other monsters, but as they grew in strength, they also began to attack the blockchain. Without intervention, scientists believed it was only a matter of time before the evil monsters took control of all blockchain transactions and caused chaos and terror to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, as it currently stands, too many monsters exist for just one nation to manage. Instead, individual users were encouraged to take the lead in fighting back and defending the blockchain universe.

Defenders are more commonly known as blockchain keepers,” which is where you, the player, comes into the mix. As a keeper, players will be tasked to protect the blockchain universe and recruit others to help in their quest.

10 Unique Elements

There are a total of 10 Elemental Types: Earth, Electric, Water, Fire, Ice, Air, Dark, Light, Spirit, Neutral.

Meeting the Monsters

Upon closer inspection, players will notice that three classes of Monster species exist, including the genesis species, a grouping of pre-mined monsters, a wild species, monsters that are caught directly from the blockchain and an artificial species, monsters that were created through them merging (or breeding) or high-level monsters. These breeding capabilities suggest that artificial monster species cannot be defined and may be infinite in number.

For some perspective on the rarity of each monster, species are categorized into 1 of 50 genus groups. To illustrate the species rarity, while genus groups 1 to 7 appear every few minutes to an hour, mythic species may only occur once every 25 years.

In addition to varying in rarity, monsters also have levels ranging from 1 to 100 and can be stronger than other monsters within the same species if their perfection rate is higher.

A Trip to the Lab

For players, this means that collecting monsters of your own can be done in one of two fashions. First, they can be caught in the wild. Secondly, they can navigate the laboratory where gene scientists can consider ways to merge Monster DNA from different species to create something new. Scientists in the lab operate with the mentality to evolve stronger monsters with more impressive battle abilities, an endeavour that may prove to help your gameplay.

Get a Headstart on Collecting

As a result of the positive response from the BCMH community so far, we are continuing to run a series of community events to giveaway Genesis Monsters. Users can find more details on the next event on our official website and social media platforms. Additionally, gamers are encouraged to keep an eye out for our quickly approaching INO (Initial NFT Offering) where Genesis Monsters will be sold our our website and partner launchpads. Stay tuned for more details coming out soon!

Mark your calendars; it’s collecting time!

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