Chillville Announces GD10 Ventures as a Strategic Partner

Mar 15
Chillville Announces GD10 Ventures as a Strategic Partner

As we continue to build the first-ever Masterverse, we realize the need to secure the support of top-level teams that add value through an extensive network of contacts, influencers, and expertise in areas such as marketing and advisory services. With that said, we are thrilled to welcome GD10 Ventures as a strategic partner. GD10 is a leader in the DeFi space and has helped many high-quality Web3.0 projects reach their full potential, offering support from incubation to launch, and even post-launch.

GD10 offers projects a variety of services that include customized marketing packages that maintain token value and stability. Their team of 40+ individuals takes a hands-on approach to provide projects with article and video content production, guerrilla marketing and growth hacking, competition management, fundamental analysis, influencer marketing, and much more. Further, their NFT gaming portfolio includes industry leaders such as Ertha, Cryowar, Blockchain Monster Hunt, XMANNA, Gaia EverWorld, and many others.

Creating a Metaverse for All

Chillville bridges the divide that currently exists between users of distinct metaverses. By simply owning an NFT, players can enter the Chillville Masterverse using their NFTs as their personal avatars. Upon doing so, they can interact, shop, and even participate in play-to-earn gaming. While we are excited about developing this novel concept, we realize the importance of getting the right amount of exposure to grow our community and ensure the longevity of our ecosystem. We are confident that with their vast network, countless resources, and history of successful project launches, GD10 will play a vital role in helping Chillville reach new markets and NFT gaming enthusiasts across the globe.

About GD10 Ventures

GD10 is a Web3 investment firm that has supported some of the most promising projects to date. They have an impressive selective portfolio with over 50 tier 1 investments, with a highly experienced team that has held reputable roles across major projects.

Their unabating support of start-ups, in addition to having one of the most sought-after advisory and marketing firms, has led to a string of reputable successes, sustainable project growth, and token value stability.

GD10 Ventures focuses on projects that tackle particular pain points in Web3 and blockchain. Their goals are to navigate start-ups to mass adoption by leveraging their network of social media influencers, launchpads, large communities, exchanges, growth marketers, and strategic partners.

About Chillville

Powered by Matry Protocol, Chillville connects NFT gamers in a much more inclusive play-to-earn environment. Players can enter freely using NFTs they own and participate in profit-earning activities such as mining, working, gamification, and more. The Chillville Masterverse breaks down the typical barriers one encounters by allowing anyone with an Ethereum NFT to join easily. It connects all metaverses into one inclusive 3D setting that will soon feature multi-chain capabilities.

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