Choosing the Right Investors and Our Strategy

Feb 17 - Deeban Ratneswaran
Choosing the Right Investors and Our Strategy

Choosing the right investors and our strategy

As we pass through the 2020 to 2021 cycle a number of large upcoming investment opportunities present themselves as start-ups look to launch during a bull market where token price action creates almost instantaneous ROI for early investors.

Despite this, our best, most impactful (and lucrative) investments happened when we invested during the bear market – things were slower and we invested a lot of time in developing start-ups. Despite the bull cycle our strategy has not changed; we continue to only handpick the most promising tier 1 projects where we can invest our time and effort to form the right narrative and strategies.

This current bull cycle is a fantastic opportunity for new start-ups too. Funds are being thrown at projects with many start-ups being 10-20x oversubscribed. Our message to you is simple:

Raise slowly, choose carefully and onboard the right “value add” investors and strategies. Ask them what they will add? when they will do it? what their strategy would be? how they can support marketing? specifics of their marketing strategy? how many Twitter subs? what are the names of the handles? which influencers do they work with? who and what’s the proof of commitment? These are some of the types of questions you need to be asking those who want to invest.

We can help with this process and enlighten you with case studies of winning strategies and partnerships. Depending on what you need from an investor we can incorporate our own marketing team, manager, content producers and influencers to help you succeed.

How we operate

Choosing the right investors

We like to invest at an early stage and then advise on the right investors to bring onboard. You need a good mix of big institutional well recognised investors that can help with the technicalities of things like exchange listing, but also smaller investors who give up a lot of their time to support you through the arduous challenges of completing your raise and managing the demands of both the other VC’s and also their commitments to the start-up. We position ourselves as in between both of these investor types.

Choosing the right VCs

Some VC’s are good at early-stage development, and others are more tailored towards late-stage marketing, pre-listing and launchpad initiation, while others are great for post listing price growth and stabilisation. They all have their roles depending on your needs.

Price growth and stabilisation are very important as good price action acts as organic marketing for your listed crypto asset as it is the one thing everyone watches. The success of a project is determined by how the asset price behaves. We will help you capitalise on this through a number of unique methods on a project by project basis that can help lock in asset value.

Onboarding advisors

Once the VCs are onboarded we will then advise on the correct project “advisors”. Advisors can be part of VCs or behave independently and will have different demands for their support e.g. private sale allocation, advisory tokens, or simply support of their own project. We will help manage their demands, to onboard them, while not giving away too much in your limited allocation space or advisory budget.

Ongoing strategic partnerships

One way of maintaining good price action while supporting the growth of your project and its usability is by connecting with other start-ups in this space where you have a joint synergy and can collaborate. Announcing partnerships at critical times can help direct attention back to your own project which is important. We have a huge investment portfolio, and a network of high-value individuals who can partner; and based on our inside knowledge we will announce the partnerships at critical times to help ongoing project marketing and traction.

Tokenomics and vesting allocations

Last but not least, the tokenomics of your project are absolutely critical. We work with the best tokenomic experts in the world and can ensure that the tokenomic structure will allow good price growth while reducing sell pressure. Our view is that early investors, with cheaper token prices, should be vested for longer and will always push for this case. This ensures that “early investors” remain vested in your project and are able to provide the value they promised.

Regardless of whether you seek a partnership from GD10 Ventures, remember, funds will always be available in crypto, there is no need to rush your raise. Take this slow and onboard investors and partners wisely. Do reach out to us if you would like to discuss how we can help too.

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

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