DopeWarz Gameplay Overview: How You Can Run the Blockz

Nov 17 - Caelan Flemmings
DopeWarz Gameplay Overview: How You Can Run the Blockz

What to Expect

In this article, we will be going into the necessary steps one will need to take to build their enterprise within the DopeWarz metaverse, the various strategies one could choose throughout their journey, and some of the most critical components that encompass the game itself.

How to Classify DopeWarz

DopeWarz is a Business Simulation and Strategy game with unique MMO functionalities that promote partnerships with other gangs. The MMO component thereby provides strong incentives for users to undergo tactful collaborations with other users to enhance one’s ability to reach their goals in-game.

Real-World Profitability Within the Metaverse

Before furthering ourselves into the gameplay specifics, it is essential to note that all in-game assets within DopeWarz (i.e., land, gang members, etc.) are NFTs, meaning they will be freely tradeable within the Blockchain universe and redeemable for real-world value. Thus, pragmatically speaking, success in DopeWarz seamlessly translates into real-world winnings for users.

Now that we know players can make money within this metaverse, let’s learn how to expertise in-game!

This screenshot is taken from a reference game — Basement (Drug Dealing Strategy Game)

Choose Your Location Wisely

BlockZ represents a gang’s central territory where their business operations take place. Since collaboration between gangs is essential for maximizing their potential within DopeWarz, it is critical to be spatially aware when situating one’s BlockZ. Expansive lands encompass this metaverse, where each location will have unique benefits and downsides depending on one’s gameplay.

While one will need to consider the relative friends and foes when placing Blockz within this metaverse, players must consider other essential components before situating Blockz.

Logical Complexity is Key to a Tier 1 DeGame

Players must consider the potential demand, supply, transport capabilities, and overall operational capacity of a single BlockZ location. For example, the demand for MDMA and other party-niche drugs will increase with more nightclubs within one BlockZ, increasing MDMA selling prices. Further, amphetamine manufacturing facilities nearby will decrease the manufacturing costs of Meth, while Wall Street Buildings or residential buildings will dictate the demand for cocaine or weed, respectively. Finally, the lack of nearby landing pads for airplanes/helicopters would proportionally increase international drug trading due to nearby gangs having to find more transportable locations to ship out their drugs.

The variables found within the DopeWarz metaverse are expansive yet logical. They will put your critical thinking skills to the test while trying to sustain a profitable enterprise within these lands!

Earning Passively Within DopeWarz

Let’s briefly go into the different ways one can personalize their gameplay within DopeWarz. If one were to single out their drug manufacturing capabilities, they would specify building Dope Production FacilitieZ (DPZ) and DealerZ within their Drug Operational Facilities (DOZ); DOZs represent the main operational center of one’s BlockZ. From a profitability standpoint, this strategy would translate into providing regular passive earnings for that user, as other users would regularly seek to purchase DrugZ from their enterprise.

Screenshot is taken from a reference game — Basement (Drug Dealing Strategy Game)

Earning Actively Within DopeWarz

If one were to take more of an active persona within DopeWarz, they would need to formulate their own gang. Within a gang, you will have DealerZ buying and selling DrugZ, BodyGuardZ ensuring the safety of their DOZs against gang raids, EnforcersZ enacting these raids against rival gangs, and SpecialistZ who seek to streamline the efficiency of your drug manufacturing operations! Additionally, these gang members (collectively named DopeZ) have individual attributes that can be leveled up further depending on your gameplay style, such as increasing SpecialistZ drug research to find new lab synthesis methods for procuring cheaper and more potent drugs!

Endless Personalization of One’s Gang

These DopeZ can be bred with one another to create a unique DopeZ that further personalizes your strategic output within DopeWarz, and will also facilitate the growth of real-world value for users’ NFTs through regular burning and increasing scarcity of the metaverse’s NFTs!

Intelligent Arbitraging: The Thought Process

Now, let’s get into the primary skill a user will need to build to maximize their potential within DopeWarz: Arbitrage. The name of the game is to buy low & sell high; Therefore, thoughtful analysis of when and where to buy & sell is critical.

Let’s look at an example of a strategic arbitrage implementation:

User Walter White knows that BlockZ#1 has a high concentration of residential homes (soccer moms love their weed) but no nearby Ganja farms. Mr. White also knows that BlockZ#2 is mainly industrial but has a high concentration of Ganja farms (including his DOZ). He also concludes that there are many clear roads between these two BlockZ and very little police enforcement.

Mr. White has an idea: Knowing Block#1 has a high demand, but low supply of weed (will pay proportionally more for weed), and Block#2 has the facilities in place to produce weed for cheap, and there is transport accessibility and little risk of getting caught, Mr. White decides to produce weed in Block#2 and transport it to sell to Block#1. Mr. White just made a profit through arbitrage but did so by taking in various contextual factors that ensured the ease and prosperity of his enterprise.


This example represents what DopeWarz encompasses; A cognitively stimulating MMO metaverse that allows one to build a drug empire without the risk of real-life jail time or death but still includes Play-to-Earn functionalities that enable users to make real-world earnings based on their success in-game.

We are ecstatic to be soon delivering the final DeGame to our community. We hope you will have as much fun immersing yourself in the metaverse as we have had creating it!

To learn more about the underlying technicalities governing DopeWarz, check out our whitepaper.

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