DopeZ, BlockZ, and Our NFT Marketplace: Buy, Sell or Trade on the Black Market

Dec 03 - Caelan Flemmings
DopeZ, BlockZ, and Our NFT Marketplace: Buy, Sell or Trade on the Black Market

Know When to Swap Your Dope

The Black Market is a place that’s utilized to the highest degree by the most adept drug emperors within the DopeWarz metaverse. Situations can change drastically on the streets, and it’s important to know what can be traded between gangs and when to strategically make those trades to adapt appropriately to new situations!

Concerning this, we will be going over the NFTs that can be bought, sold, and swapped within the Black Market and outline examples where one would be best suited to make a strategic trade amongst their fellow DopeWarz players. As you have learned in our previous article outlining the main gameplay components of the DopeWarz metaverse (see article here), there are many variables one needs to think about before taking action within this game tactfully.

Complex Back-End, Logical Front-End

While the game itself can be complex, all variables are based on actual logic. Therefore, players will quickly find themselves seamlessly analyzing complex scenarios and taking appropriate actions to remedy them. This relative ease of fixing complex scenarios is what, we believe, makes a AAA game, as the logic of the gameplay is so close to reality that it taps into the player’s pragmatic side of their cognition. Better yet, there’s no greater feeling in this game than to meticulously solve problems within your empire, build up your reputation, and solidify your position as a drug kingpin!

With that said, let’s get right into the inner workings of the Black Market!

Understanding the Black Market

The in-game NFT assets that can be bought, sold, or traded within the Black Market include BlockZ (your gang territory), DopeZ (gang members), and your bank-locked $DRUG (staked tokens).

As BlockZ contain much of the infrastructure that allows your empire to flourish, including your drug production facilities (i.e. Meth lab), supply landmarks (i.e. Ganja fields), demand facilities (i.e. Night clubs), and transportation areas (i.e. Landing pad for airplanes), it is critical to have your BlockZ well thought out and situated appropriately! However, as DopeWarz is a dynamically changing MMO, what was a well-structured BlockZ one day could completely change the next.

This is where the Black Market can come into play.

Learning In-Game Strategy Through Example

Let’s take a scenario: Player Jesse Pinkman is living lavishly with his drug empire; the man’s got it all planned out; Loads of meth production facilities and lower-class residential BlockZ all around his territory, and plenty of DealerZ to distribute his product.

However, he wakes up the following day only to mourn that this neighbouring BlockZ has been gentrified, and the newly arrived white-collar employees only need top-of-the-line cocaine and don’t care for the ol’ blue meth.

There is, however, another low-income BlockZ many miles east of him, where Mr. Pinkman could continue to deal out his meth. In addition, there’s an even closer lower-income BlockZ right by his own, but he’s been avoiding it for ages due to the local gang having a high concentration of BodyguardZ.

Mr. Pinkman is at a crossroads, and the ongoing prosperity of his empire hinges on him making the right decision. These are his main options:

1. Sell all of his empire’s infrastructure and start from scratch, concentrating on the cocaine marketplace due to his current location.

2. Build up his transport infrastructure and start concentrating on exporting his meth to the east lower-income residential BlockZ, as well as other similarly-typed BlockZ around the map.

3. Purchase a massive crew of EnforcerZ to combat the neighbouring gang who hold the lower-income residential territory, thereby regaining demand for Mr. Pinkman’s meth supply.

4. Trade his BlockZ for another within the Black Market, which would likely be inferior in infrastructure as his BlockZ’s location is no longer advantageous.

5. Rage quit and trade your BlockZ for staked $DRUG to earn real-world value passively within the DopeWarz metaverse.

So, which decision will it be? The answer is any of them can be, except for #1 under most circumstances, and definitely not #5 (you ain’t a weak thug!). The key to finding the most advantageous option in this scenario is to consider both the underlying economics of each decision and the probability of success. Additionally, your decision will be based on your risk tolerance and how you want your gameplay to evolve.

All in all, it is critical to deeply analyze your situation in-game before you put your crew on the line!


These components will be laid out to you within the DopeWarz metaverse during your adventure. Through experience and logical thinking, you will learn which scenarios tend to lead to success over time. Practice makes perfect is a quote that speaks volumes within the DopeWarz streets, and with enough thoughtful cognitive input, you can build up your very own bustling empire within this expansive world!

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