Earn with Fidira: How to Make Money from Decentralized Gift Cards

Sep 13 - Humza Nasir
Earn with Fidira: How to Make Money from Decentralized Gift Cards

The cryptocurrency and NFT market has experienced unprecedented growth in the last year. There is an urgent need for the crypto market to capitalize on this opportunity by enhancing the functionality of NFTs, so that they can be utilized within the infrastructure of DeFi applications. By combining gift cards and NFTs on our platform, Fidira aims to make onboarding new users into the crypto space simple, seamless, straightforward and profitable. In this article, we will discuss the significance of the Fidira solution in converting more people to crypto and DeFi in general and the profitability opportunities available with Fidira. Let’s get started.

The Current State of DeFi in today’s world

Decentralized finance, a foreign concept upon the release of the bitcoin whitepaper in 2008, has become one of the world’s biggest market disruptors. DeFi is a permissionless, trustless, and decentralized system for financial transactions slowly replacing traditional finance. Despite the DeFi space booming and gaining popularity, mass adoption is still a long way off. Its “technical complexity” is one of the main factors limiting its adoption today. Entering the DeFi space as a total newbie, especially a “non-tech” person, has been difficult due to the steep learning curve for terms like “interoperable”. Most people prefer to manage and transact their finances using traditional methods due to the complexities associated with DeFi. Therefore, it is critical to make onboarding new users into the crypto space as seamless and straightforward as possible to scale the DeFi sector rapidly.

The Fidira Solution

Fidira aims to bridge the gap between the DeFi sector and the general public by facilitating newcomers’ entry into the crypto space through gift cards and NFTs. With Fidira, you will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and participate in the growing NFT market by simply scanning a QR code. Thus, we are removing the complexity of entering the crypto space by offering newcomers a more straightforward and better approach.

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Profitability Avenues for Users with Fidira

On the Fidira network, users can earn rewards in a variety of ways. Users must be aware of two important details to stake on Fidira and earn rewards:

● Staking Fidira NFTs to gain access to the Fidira DAO

● Staking Fidira tokens in the Fidira DAO, which requires staking Fidira NFTs to be possible.

Users earn Fidira NFTs after purchasing a gift card (physical or digital) in our retail stores in partnership with Incomm. The more NFTs you stake on our platform, the more rewards you get.

To maximize APY for our users, we also provide liquidity pools where users can stake our tokens over a set timeframe (30, 60, 90, or 120 days) to receive free NFTs based on the number of tokens staked. According to our algorithm, 100 reward tokens are generated every 30 days for every 1000 Fidiria tokens staked. Once a sufficient number of rewards have been accumulated, users will have access to an exclusive collection of artwork on the Fidiria platform, which can be minted and added to the user’s collection.

Profitability Avenues for NFT artists and Marketplaces

The NFT sector, despite their remarkable numbers as of today, has a lot to gain with the introduction of Fidira. Fidira’s primary goal is to seamlessly onboard new users into the crypto space by combining gift cards and NFTs. We provide a whole new, untapped customer pool for the NFT sector.

With our primary audience being the “non-tech savvy,” we provide an opportunity for global exposure for NFT creators, while also driving further adoption. As a digital creator/NFT artist, partnering with the Fidiria network to list your NFTs gives you access to a global audience, bringing your projects to the forefront and increasing the value of your projects.

Profitability Avenues for Fidiria Network

To keep the network afloat and provide users with a wonderful experience on our self-sustaining DAO platform, we would need the help of the Fidiria community. We have earmarked revenue channels that would help expand our ecosystem to fulfill our primary goal of increasing the rate of crypto adoption. Among them are the following:

● Purchase fees for digital and retail cards

● Trading commissions on exchanges

● Withdrawal fees

● NFT generation and resale commission fees

● Staking margin fees for Eth 2.0

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We are more than optimistic about providing a unique opportunity to enter the crypto space through gift cards and NFTs. As a result, we will be able to onboard an untapped population of “non-tech people,” and secure easy access into the crypto marketplace, which has been a significant impediment to the growth of the DeFi sector thus far. We at Fidiria have positioned ourselves as an influential driving force in facilitating rapid DeFi adoption, and with what we have planned, this is only the beginning.

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