Everything YOU Need to Know About the DopeWarz Quadruple-Launchpad IDO

Nov 23 - Caelan Flemmings
Everything YOU Need to Know About the DopeWarz Quadruple-Launchpad IDO

The Cultural Uprising of DopeWarz

As many of you know, the DopeWarz metaverse is inspired by the highly successful cult classic Drug Lord, which debuted within the conventional gaming world in 1991. While DopeWarz contains many original features from Drug Lord, including its enticing gameplay and cognitively challenging player demands, it diverges from Drug Lord by injecting modern 21st-century Blockchain technology into the core of its metaverse. This technology allows play-to-earn winnings for every user, with their time in-game rewarded in the form of in-game NFT assets that have real-world value within the global Blockchain economy.

DopeWarz Initiation into the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

As DopeWarz has, in recent months, seen unprecedented growth in our community, we are proud to announce our readiness for the DopeWarz upcoming IDO events! We present our plans for a quadruple IDO with some of the most innovative launchpads in the space.

Let’s get right into the specifics of these launchpads, how one can become whitelisted to invest in the DopeWarz IDOs, and the pertinent timelines and allocation amounts one can expect by taking part in these events.

Game Station — $200,000 Raise (November 30th)

Our first launchpad IDO will be held by none other than Game Station on November 30th; An innovative ecosystem with a stringent regulatory process that only supports the most legitimate and highly sought-after GameFi projects in the crypto space. After completing your KYC and AML steps through Game Station, you will receive an email that will provide the intrinsic details for your allocations to the DopeWarz IDO. You will need to contribute USDT on the Polygon Network to at least 24h before the DopeWarz launch.

Equinox — $200,000 Raise (December 1st)

We are beyond humbled to announce the DopeWarz IDO on Equinox Launchpad! Upon completing your KYC, your allocation will be in the form of BUSD from the BSC blockchain. To learn how to add the BSC network to your Metamask wallet, check out the instructions here.

Participation for the DopeWarz IDO will open on Nov 26, 2021, @9:00AM UTC and close Dec 1, 2021 @5:00PM UTC. For distribution and all further tokenomics details regarding the DopeWarz IDO within the Equinox ecosystem, see here.

The mechanisms for how Equinox sets up its allocation pools are unique and created in such a way to allow all participants to obtain a fair allocation. The four allocation pools are as follows:

Tier 1 — Autumnal (Lottery & FCFS)
Tier 2 — Winter (Lottery & FCFS)
Tier 3 — Vernal (Lottery & FCFS)
Tier 4 — Nox Summer (Guaranteed Allocation)

One’s position in each tier depends on the quantity and quality of the Equinox NFTs they currently hold. For the pools associated with Tier 1–3, a lottery will take place where Equinox will reward 65% of the monetary pool to the lottery winners, and they will deal out the remaining 35% to all those who didn’t win on a First Come, First Served (FCFS) basis. Equinox will ensure those within the Tier 4 pool receive an appreciably large allocation due to their strong commitment to the Equinox ecosystem.

To learn precisely how you would participate in the DopeWarz IDO on Equinox, see our step-by-step process below:

1. Sign up at
2. Complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) Process
3. Purchase Equinox NFT on Liquidifty
4. Confirm Your Participation
5. Join the Corresponding Pool for Your NFT & Fund Your Allocation
6. Wait for token distribution

RoseonPad — $75,000 Raise (December 1st)

Roseon Finance has expanded its ecosystem, presenting RoseonPad, a new platform dedicated to launching GameFi projects, which is sure to become very well-known for its disruptive arsenal of highly famed Blockchain games coming into the space. Therefore, we thought it was appropriate that DopeWarz would join Roseon’s GameFi trailblazing efforts with our IDO set for December 1, 2021. Roseon’s IDO process consists of two rounds; The 1st provides allocation to users’ level 2 to level 5 VIP-tier and whitelisted users. The 2nd round will be conducted similarly to an FCFS format exclusively for level 2 KYC Roseon users. For simple step-by-step instructions on joining Roseon’s ecosystem and capitalizing on their collection of GameFi IDO projects, including DopeWarz, check out the link here.

Red Kite — $125,000 Raise (December 1st)

We are incredibly proud to be collaborating with the Red Kite Launchpad for our final IDO! With their innovative interoperability allowing access from either Ethereum, BSC, or the Polygon network, we expect this IDO to reach the masses very quickly, thereby ensuring a highly successful launch for the DopeWarz metaverse! To obtain RedKite’s IDO allocations, you will need to stake in their ecosystem and get a tiered ranking (Dove, Hawk, Eagle, Phoenix).

Red Kite has been famed recently for their massive GameFi launches, so this is not a Launchpad you want to overlook if you are looking for higher relative ROIs within the Blockchain Gaming marketplace sector. Check out the article here for a step-by-step process to join Red Kite’s bustling GameFi IDO ecosystem.


While we know GameFi’s current status as the #1 trend within all of cryptocurrency, strategic action must follow this awareness. These launchpads seek to facilitate this action by fostering a community that supports one another and provides systems to grow in a fast-paced and exciting technological sector.

We are ecstatic that DopeWarz will be conducting our IDOs exclusively within the launchpad ecosystems that represent these qualities, as we prioritize our community above all else! We hope to see all of you in the coming days throughout our IDO event and soon following within the actual DopeWarz metaverse!

To learn more about the DopeWarz ecosystem, check out our website. To learn more about the technical intricacies that govern our ecosystem, look at our whitepaper.

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