First Look: Alphr Finance

May 30 - Mitchell Keller
First Look: Alphr Finance

First Look: Alphr Finance 

The State-of-the-Art Automated Mirror Trading Protocol That Makes Everyone an Alpha Trader

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

As the market continues to heat up and more innovative projects get introduced, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to identify the actual value of individual companies. For years, only the wealthiest of whales and large funds were equipped to utilize on-chain data, altering their trading strategies by researching specific wallets to minimize risk and maximize profit. In essence, this leaves the average investor in an uphill battle against the market. Alphr Finance solves this disparity by enabling the average investor to visualize the intricacies of market movements by extracting data from wallet addresses of the highest pedigree. This data allows even the tiniest investor to stand on the shoulders of giants.

The Advantages of Alphr

The three characteristics that conjure Alphr an edge over the industry are automated mirror trading, risk score, and cross-chain operability. Automated Mirror Trading (AMT) can copy the profile of any wallet and imitate its trades. Trade imitation relieves investor workload and provides gas fee savings by routing funds into a single transaction. AMT’s potential is further bolstered by Alphr’s risk score calculation, allowing users to quickly identify wallets within their risk tolerance. Finally, the cross-chain operability of Alphr creates the opportunity to switch to whichever chain is currently the most lucrative freely. These three crucial features make Alphr a frontrunner in the copycat trading industry.

Anonymous and Honest

An anonymous team guides Alphr Finance, with a CEO who operates under the name Swami Alphrananda at the helm. Anonymity is one of the most attractive aspects of blockchain technology. However, GD10 Ventures also recognizes the uncertainty this brings to investors. That being said, Alphr has a litany of reputable strategic partners. These include AU21, Paid Network, and Master Ventures who have stringent screening and fail-safe processes. We are also meticulous in our validation of the team members and products, despite anonymity, as evidenced by our portfolio.


Alphr Finance goes above and beyond on its tokenomics model with value-adds for holders and platform users alike. The first is their transaction fee incentives; 75% of Alphr transaction fees are burned, enacting a deflationary effect on the token, while the remaining 25% is input into the community development fund. Lastly, rewards get distributed to the most prophetic traders. Whenever a wallet’s trade gets copied, that wallet’s social profile receives Alphr tokens, incentivizing the best traders to claim their profiles and utilize the application.

Final Thoughts

Alphr Finance appears to be a step ahead in the automated trading market. The ability to imitate or study the trades of any wallet generates tremendous value for users. This, coupled with its gas cost savings and value-rich tokenomics, makes us confident in Alphr Finances’ future. The App that allows the smallest of investors to contend with the biggest.


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By Mitchell Keller

Graphic Design by Caelan Flemmings 

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