First Look: RAZE Network

May 01 - Mitchell Keller
First Look: RAZE Network

First Look: RAZE Network

The All-Encompassing DeFi Anonymity Protocol That Looks to ‘Raze’ The Bar on Privacy

The Push for Privacy

Technology is becoming embedded deeper into our lives with each passing day. Thus, the public desire for privacy is increasing ceaselessly but continues to feel out of reach. The implementation of blockchain technologies has skewed this trend, and privacy protocols are in demand. However, the majority of these protocols have distinct disadvantages that are alienating consumers. Raze is primed to rise above these disadvantages.

Limitations Razed, Innovations Laid.

The three significant limitations of current privacy networks are; proof of generation’s astronomical costs and long verification processes, dreadful gas fees, and the need for transactions to be verified by a trusted third party. Raze overcomes Zether Protocol-based networks’ intrinsic limitations (see more about Zether protocol in our educational paper) by implementing the ∑-Bullets algorithm and their choice to develop on the Substrate Framework. ∑-Bullets decrease the proof size and verification period, lowering gas costs across the network, and with its transparent infrastructure, the need for a trusted third party is null. ∑-Bullets frees Raze from the core issues that other networks face, and being the first Polkadot-based privacy network, enabled Raze to implement a slew of other perks.

The Substrate framework provides Raze with unique and plentiful advantages over other networks and is integral to its future dominance. Molding Raze into a hyper-scalable, Defi harmonious cross-chain privacy network, Dex, and lending platform. Scalability and Defi tools allow Raze to ensure that its investors and users grow alongside the network and provide a slew of benefits native to Raze. These elements unshackle Raze from the folly of convention, enabling the razing of limitations and trailblazing innovations that may propel Raze Network to a position of dominance in the market.

Figure 1: Raze Competitor Comparison 

Team and Backers

Although this is a privacy network, they are public about their team and backers. Raze Networks’ growth is strategically supported by twelve large and reputable venture capitalist funds. Raze is further bolstered by chiseled veterans of the blockchain game:

  • Eric Clarke Su, a supporter of DIA, Tellor, and Orion Protocol.
  • Garlam Won, a former head of marketing for Harmony.
  • Dylan Dewdney, the current CEO of Kylin Network and co-founder of Harbour DAO.

Raze’s sound array of strategic backers and team members paved the way for a litany of partnerships with reliable companies like Mantra DAO, Bondly, and Konomy, allowing Raze to bolster an industry best cast of supporters.

Tokenomics, Network Economy and Utilities

The Raze token utilities include privacy preservation, governance and voting, token burning, and liquidity reward. Raze token will enable users to seamlessly navigate different blockchains and applications with no trace left behind, and governance features allow token holders to vote on the network’s direction, ensuring a community-driven ecosystem. Most importantly for investors, Raze burns 70% of transaction fees on every transaction, providing the network with a deflationary effect. Finally, liquidity rewards support the healthy growth of the network by delivering price stability while also rewarding those who choose to contribute. This array of utilities offers investors and users substantial benefits for holding and interacting with Raze, painting the picture of a sound investment.

Figure 2: Raze Network Tokenomics

Final Thoughts

The further I delve into my research of Raze, the more impressed I become. Since Raze’s inception, it has held profound advantages over its competitors, but Raze did not stop there. They built a network that rewards users with transparency and effectiveness, as well as an array of backers to solidify its path to transcendence over the space. The Raze whitepaper demonstrates the team are capable, competent and progressive. I hope and expect to see Raze live up to its imposing expectations.

Figure 3: Raze Token Infrastructure – Raze Network Whitepaper.


By Mitchell Keller

Eds. Aydan FlemmingsDr Deeban Ratneswaran

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