FOMO Chronicles Celebrating 50 Partnerships

Oct 13 - Caelan Flemmings
FOMO Chronicles Celebrating 50 Partnerships

Are you feeling the FOMO? We certainly are. Our journey towards our TGE has been nothing short of incredible. Our goal to create a fun and educational NFT platform to keep crypto investors safe has been met with an overwhelming amount of support and excitement from our community and partners.

Speaking of which, we’re proud to announce that FOMO Chronicles is now collaborating with 50 of some of the most reputable entities across the crypto and NFT space. If there were ever an indicator that our cause was noble, this would be it. We are grateful to have partners on board such as Babylons, a next-generation NFT marketplace on Binance Smart Chain, Ferrum Network, one of the industry’s leading project incubators and white label solutions providers, Poolz, a multi-chain launchpad with a strong community backing, ApeSwap, one of DeFi’s most trusted decentralized exchanges, and many others.

Unlock the Power of MANGA

The potential for blockchain and crypto to reshape and improve upon countless industries is irrefutable, and the market growth and push towards mass adoption over the last several years shows that progress has been made. Unfortunately, this has also allowed hackers and scammers to take advantage of novices in the space. This not only hurts the individual that falls for these schemes but the entire blockchain community as a whole. The opportunities DeFi presents to the world should not be marred by a few bad actors… and at FOMO Chronicles, we’re doing our part to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

Our MANGA series NFTs provide our users with entertaining and educational NFT cards, designed using traditional Japanese comic art. However, their use-cases go far beyond having an artistically designed and animated NFT, as they help educate newcomers to crypto on how to avoid dubious schemes and seek out fundamentally sound projects to invest in.

Our platform will also feature an upcoming NFT game, where users can join our main protagonist, Otaku, on exciting adventures and even have the opportunity to see themselves represented as an NFT.

Our Gleam Giveaway Campaign is Live!

We wanted to celebrate our 50 partnership achievements by giving back to our valued community. As such, we will be running an NFT Gleam Giveaway campaign up until our TGE on October 15th. Participants in the giveaway will have a chance to win a free NFT from any one of our partners. Each winner will also receive an airdrop of 3500 $OTAKU tokens after our TGE!

The NFTs won will provide additional utility and benefits specific to the edition and partner that provides it. This may include staking reward multipliers, access to different lotteries, possible mining bonuses, access to platforms, and more. You can participate in the competition by clicking the following link:

Let’s Make Crypto Safe and Fun for Everyone

We want to thank our community and partners for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to seeing you at our TGE on October 15th. We believe that the power of DeFi has yet to reach its full potential in making the world a better place for everyone. But, together, we’re confident that this vision of widespread adoption will become a reality and by making crypto safer, we will reach this goal much sooner than later!

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