FOMO Chronicles Partners with Apeswap

Oct 12 - Caelan Flemmings
FOMO Chronicles Partners with Apeswap

As we near our much-anticipated launch, there is yet another exciting and “wild” collaboration on the horizon, one which we are thrilled to tell you about that benefits both parties along with our entire community!

FOMO Chronicles has partnered with the almighty King Kong of the DEX jungle; ApeSwap! Through this partnership, we will provide ApeSwap with their very own manga that includes double $OTAKU tokens. In addition, ApeSwap will provide FOMO Chronicles an OTAKU/BNB farm with a 1x rewards multiplier, paid in their native token $BANANA.

ApeSwap NFTs & Manga Storyline

As with other partnerships we have formed, FOMO Chronicles will create a customized manga edition dedicated to ApeSwap. These digital assets will feature authentic Japanese-style comic art and include a storyline exclusive to the ApeSwap team. This presents a valuable opportunity for our community to collect more rare manga NFTs to trade and sell on the open market.

Listing Date Confirmed!

Our exclusive ApeSwap listing and distribution of $OTAKU will take place on October 15th, 2021. We’re exploding with FOMO and from what we have seen, our community is too! Through this partnership, we are confident that manga fans will benefit from a user-friendly DEX to obtain $OTAKU with the opportunity to leverage lucrative $BANANA staking rewards. We thank you all for the overwhelming support you’ve shown us and we look forward to an incredible launch that will help make crypto safer for everyone.

What is ApeSwap

While a relative newcomer to the DEX scene, ApeSwap has carved out an impressive chunk of the market by creating an easy-to-use multi-chain decentralized exchange on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain. Its users can buy, sell, and swap the cryptocurrencies of their choosing, and ApeSwap also features a yield farming tool that enables their fellow ‘apes’ to stake their $BANANA and earn rewards while unlocking other special features.

Check out the following links to connect with ApeSwap:

Website | Docs | Twitter | Telegram | Blog | Discord | ApeTV

Check out the following links to connect with FOMOChronicles:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube |

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