FOMO Chronicles’ Quadruple IDO: Poolz, NFTPad, TruePNL, Synapse Network

Oct 10 - Caelan Flemmings
FOMO Chronicles’ Quadruple IDO: Poolz, NFTPad, TruePNL, Synapse Network

The FOMO is real and we could not be more excited to harness the energy of our community as we lead up to our launch. FOMO Chronicles has taken the rising popularity of manga art and combined it with one of the biggest and fastest-growing markets in all of DeFi… NFTs. Our manga series will help newcomers navigate the cryptoverse, enabling them to make informed decisions on which projects they choose to invest in and how to identify red flags and suspicious activity in those that they should steer clear of.

The result has been nothing short of mind-blowing… and our exponential community growth even took us by surprise (in the most pleasant of terms, of course)! Therefore, to ensure all investors and manga fans have adequate access to get their $OTAKU, we will be hosting a quadruple IDO taking place on four separate days with four of the most reputable launchpads in the industry: Poolz, NFTPad, TruePNL, and Synapse Network.

Each of these launchpads possesses unique characteristics that make them optimal choices for our long-awaited IDO. However, while they do differ in some areas, one trait they all share in common is their uncompromising efforts to only support projects of the highest pedigree.

Why We Selected Poolz (IDO October 11th)

Poolz Finance is a fully decentralized multi-chain IDO platform that provides project owners with the opportunity to raise ample liquidity through IDOs prior to their public listing. This creates a strong partnership between developers and early-stage investors, assuring a successful launch and a high probability of sustainable growth. Through their stringent vetting process, investors can leverage the Poolz launchpad to access projects that seek to disrupt the status quo featuring use-cases with the potential to revolutionize an industry.

Why We Selected NFTPad (IDO October 12th)

As the first-ever deflationary cross-chain NFT Platform, NFTPad empowers creators and collectors alike with a full suite of next-gen tools aimed to facilitate the widespread adoption of non-fungible tokens. Minting on NFTPad can be accomplished in a fraction of the time when compared to other platforms, and also enables creators to raise liquidity by launching NFT projects to a community of motivated collectors.

Why We Selected TruePNL (IDO October 13th)

Like FOMO Chronicles, TruePNL was built to make crypto safer, more transparent, and more profitable for investors and project developers. As a launchpad, TruePNL seeks out projects that satisfy an unmet need in the crypto market and works with them throughout their early stages to provide a range of services leading up to their launch. Projects are then connected to a robust community of eager investors whose trust TruePNL has fully earned as a result of their thorough vetting process of every project and team they support.

Why We Selected Synapse Network (IDO October 14th)

Synapse Network’s accelerator and launchpad bridges the gaps between CeFi and DeFi by connecting retail investors in traditional markets with early-stage DeFi projects of the highest pedigree. Their team has well over 20 years of extensive experience in start-ups, traditional banking, blockchain solutions, technology, and other business-related industries. Synapse also provides solutions for companies struggling with the problem of exchanging crypto to fiat currencies.

FOMO’ing Up Until Launch

Our quadruple IDO speaks volumes about just how far we’ve come as a project and a community as a whole. Together, we will unleash the true benefits that crypto and blockchain can provide for the world while collectively working together to rid the space of scams and bad actors. We are forever grateful for your support throughout this process and we look forward to a long, safe, and fruitful relationship.

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