Growth Hacking and Marketing

Feb 01 - Deeban Ratneswaran
Growth Hacking and Marketing

Growth Hacking and Marketing

You should NOT have to pay to get good marketing in the Web3 and crypto-space as long as you introduce innovative ideas to keep people’s attention towards your project and have an engaged community.

Our community has been built from the ground up and are loyal and supportive to the projects we invest in. Therefore we can mobilise our supporters to populate to your discord and telegram groups, to engage with other participants, share knowledge and help develop a loyal user base for you to market and advertise.

Once establishing a base we employ a basic marketing strategy, and secondary growth hacking strategy to help magnify engagement.

A) Basic strategy

We assign a dedicated campaign manager who overlooks all of our Twitter handles, Youtube videos and blogs to be released in a sustainable and timely way

We undertake weekly Tweets to 150-200k subs with regular retweets to drive engagement

We can create a baseline 12x Youtube videos from our community group with up to 650k subs

Set dates for and advertise AMA’s to a community of 3000+ and then transcribe these into blogs on high ranking websites

GIFF creation and regular Telegram and Discord marketing. Imagery via GIFFs is a powerful marketing strategy.

Strategic partnership formation and advisory. We will seek to arrange regular partnership announcements from our vast network of influence.

Blogging onto two high SEO website for organic traction: GD10.Ventures and Our content producers and social media officers will create content for you.

B) Growth hacking

Regular video content creation, regular tweeting from hundreds of subs, and having a loyal telegram community are all things we will nurture as part of the basic strategy above; these should be a part of all crypto start-up campaigns, however, growth hacking strategies should also be employed on a case by case basis.

We are expert growth hackers having been involved in a wide range of different start-ups. This includes creating exclusive competitions, rewards, staking incentives to help drive attention, reduce sell pressure and increase buy pressure. We will discuss strategies with you at our initial meet after learning more about your product and goals.

If you would like to enquire about investment please feel free to email with the title “Investment request”

We hope to hear from you soon,

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran
BSc (Hon) MBBS MRCP (UK) AMInstLM PCGert (MMed) FHEA PhD’ing


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