Guardians Unite: How Decentraland, PancakeSwap, & Elrond Supports the ChainBoost Ecosystem

Sep 06 - Humza Nasir
Guardians Unite: How Decentraland, PancakeSwap, & Elrond Supports the ChainBoost Ecosystem

Guardians of The NFT Galaxy!

What’s one of the biggest challenges developers face when launching a project? Simple, a lack of collaboration with other projects and networks. Whether it’s NFTs, cryptocurrency, AI, or launchpads, the success of any early-stage DeFi venture relies heavily on getting the necessary exposure to reach contributors and build a supportive community.

Fall short in this area and you’ll be in for a turbulent ride, especially during a bearish market. But luckily for NFT developers, ChainBoost has an ace in its pocket and it faces the issue of lack of networking head-on.

Decentraland, PancakeSwap, & Elrond: The Game Changers

Projects that are boosted by ChainBoost have the advantage of benefitting from reputable networks ChainGuardians utilizes within its ecosystem, such as Decentraland, Elrond, and PancakeSwap. These alliances have benefitted the NFT marketplace in several ways. While all three share in common enormous communities and high numbers of active daily users, they do provide unique advantages that will serve as valuable assets for the ChainBoost ecosystem.


Decentraland’s network features a 3D world that allows its users to use the tokens LAND (NFT ERC-721 token) and MANA (ERC-20 token) to purchase goods and services on the platform. The Decentrland Foundation was also created to help spread awareness and attract more users to the NFT space. Content creators and developers are eligible for rewards through games, prizes, and raffles.


PancakeSwap is one of the most utilized decentralized exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain. It’s fast, offers extremely low fees, and taps into user-generated liquidity pools that allow users to swap between crypto-assets. The DeFi farming opportunities offered to liquidity providers have helped Pancakeswap generate over $1 billion in total value and in some cases over half a million active users in a single day.


Elrond is a standalone crypto project that combines the power of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. It features a thriving ecosystem of developers, DeFi exchanges, validators, and businesses to help build a new and exciting online economy.

Boosting NFTs on the World Stage

The utility for ChainBoost in relation to these platforms is the ability to deliver NFT projects across an expansive market of contributors, raising awareness for project developers and allowing their creations and the entire NFT market as a whole to flourish.

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