Introducing The Non-Fungible Titans of Animalia

Nov 08 - Caelan Flemmings
Introducing The Non-Fungible Titans of Animalia

A World Ravaged by the Titans

War is among us; The Titans are causing destruction to the world. However, a fellow Shiba Inu and his mighty companions have the means to change it. It’s all contingent on their ability to locate the elusive gemstones and uncover the meaning behind the encrypted scrolls of the past. Only then will the Bears and the Bulls truly make peace, and the world can push forward in serenity.

The Evolution of Video Gaming

Never has there been a time where the personalization of one’s experience in a video game has been more pronounced, thanks to the ingenuity of connecting Blockchain technology to conventional gaming. Through the amalgamation of these entities, NFTs were born. NFTs, put simply, provide the means for every player to truly own their in-game assets. Additionally, through the means of NFTs being directly compatible with Blockchain’s extensive ecosystem, in-game assets become monetizable through representing and being tradeable for real-world money.

The result? One makes real-world money by skillfully playing a Blockchain Game. Furthermore, as one improves their skill set, more money becomes rewarded to them throughout their adventure!

In Animalia, you will hear NFTs as BEP-721 as this is the terminology for NFTs born within the Binance Smart Chain, an industry-leading blockchain for gaming.

What exactly do these NFTs do, and what makes them unique besides their inherent money-making attributes?

Choose a Side, Then Develop Your Own Adventure

In Animalia, we seek to provide uniqueness to every one of our player’s gaming experiences. By choosing which Titan faction you decide to fight for, you will have minted a completely personalized bear or bull NFTitan. Alongside this, you will have various means to customize the aesthetics, combat attributes, and many more variables throughout your adventure within Animalia! We feel that one’s identity should emanate from their avatars in-game, as we believe this will facilitate a more social experience and richer lore for our entire community!

How exactly does one facilitate combat and establish their heroism in the Animalia Kingdom?

At the Heart of Animalia

Players will undergo all battles within the medium of a fast-paced Strategy Card Game, where brains reign superior over the mindless brawn. While one is ultimately tasked with deciding which Titan, Bears or Bulls, they will battle for, this unilateral decision is by no means the only choice our users will have to make. By integrating a vast proportion of the animals into clever meme-like creatures, every player will have the freedom to collect and build their own personalized Animal Kingdom strategically.

But how exactly can I prepare for the Q3 2022 Animalia game launch?

Our Game is Based on Skill, Not by Affluence

Up until our IDO date, we will be providing opportunities for our dedicated supporters to win our exclusive NFTitans, which will be collectively worth $20,000 USDT! We are providing these zero-cost winning opportunities, hoping that players will seek this game out for the fun and cognitively stimulating nature inherent to this type of Blockchain Game, while not feeling inhibited by high start-up costs that regularly occur with Blockchain Games currently in the marketplace.

Take Part in History

No longer will the battle between the bears and the bulls solely take place within a marketplace; Through delving into the extensive lore of the Animalia Kingdom, you will learn how this historical battle took place so long ago!

Look to our roadmap to get a comprehensive outlook on our developmental plans leading up to our game’s release.

To better understand the underlying technology and tokenomics that governs Animalia, check out our whitepaper here.

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