Meet The BCMH Team: Ex-Google and Facebook Members Fueling Your Next Great Hunt

Sep 30 - Mitchell Keller
Meet The BCMH Team: Ex-Google and Facebook Members Fueling Your Next Great Hunt

Hello BCMH Community!

Over the past few months, we’ve heard from many of you through messages of support and encouragement as we lead up to our launch. Our community has also expressed an interest to get to know the BCMH team a little more to learn about the minds behind one of the biggest NFT games coming your way. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer that call and introduce you to our dedicated founders, designers, and engineers, that are working hard to ensure BCMH lives up to the hype!

Naka Nhu — Ex Facebook Tech Lead

Naka is one of BCMH’s co-founders and a former Facebook tech lead. His role at Facebook was fueled by a desire to contribute to a platform that allowed individuals to build a community and grow closer together, albeit online. Naka took this same passion and his love for gaming, to create BCMH, an NFT game that, like Facebook, encourages community-building and socializing with others who share the same passions. His astounding resume also includes experience as a backend software engineer at Data Robot and an expert software engineer at Sea.

Jake Tran — Ex Google senior engineer

Jake Tran is another BCMH co-founder that worked as a software engineer at Google. His expertise lies in the field of algorithms and data structure, specializing in Python protocol. Jake prides himself on being a team player and encouraging creativity from all team members, which is evident when looking at the creative gameplay of Blockchain Monster Hunt. In 2015, Jake completed a software engineer internship at Sea, after which he was brought on as a full-time engineer. He was also the Senior Software Engineer at Zendesk.

Cong Le — Ex Garena operation lead

Cong Le has hold management positions at Garena (Sea), a leading global mobile games developer and publisher. Cong brings a wealth of experience in project management and market expansion of mobile gaming to the BCMH team. He has coordinated with several teams of different backgrounds to launch games on continents around the world. Cong Le is currently pursuing an MBA degree at London Business School.

Adam Hodgson

With over 12 years of extensive experience developing and designing websites, Adam is the perfect fit as the lead frontend developer for BCMH. He is proficient in a host of protocols and applications which includes Webpack, HTML5, Adobe, PHP, Laravel, React, and others. Adam connects with clients to truly understand their needs to deliver a top-tier website that guarantees client satisfaction. His extensive portfolio serves as evidence of his talents and dedication to perfecting his craft.

Robbie Cochrane

Robbie joins the BCMH with an impressive resume which includes a degree in English and Journalism from the University of Lincoln and a Master’s Degree in Scriptwriting from Leicester DMU. He also earned a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Nottingham. His experience in the world of DeFi is also extensive as he currently holds a position at ChainGuardians, which he c- founded, and sits on the advisory board for Decentraland.

Idon Liu — Ex Microsoft

As the co-founder of both BCMH and ChainGuardians, Idon Liu has demonstrated a clear passion for the advancement of crypto and blockchain technology. His professional DeFi career spans over 7 years, where he also held top positions in Global Crypto Solutions as a Managing Partner and SwissOne Holding where he worked in Private Equity.

Saeed Ebrahimi

BCMH’s lead graphic designer Saeed Ebrahimi has worked as a digital animator and concept artist for over 7 years. He also currently holds a position as a designer at ChainGuardians. Saeed’s passion and commitment to digital graphic designing earned him a BASc in Computer Engineering from Dumghan University and a Master’s degree in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special EffectsGradeA from Tarbiat Modares University. Before his tenure at BCMH and ChainGuardians, he held the position of Art Director at both YGD Game Studio and Paeezan Studio.

Rose Pham

Meet Rose Pham. BCMH’s lead artist. Rose’s experience in graphic design dates back to 2013, where she started by creating menu designs for cafes and restaurants. In 2016, Rose was introduced to digital art in video games and it was here she developed a passion for the creation of models and characters for gaming protocols. In 2017 Rose landed her first position as a 3D gaming artist with VGN and soon thereafter, entered the world of blockchain gaming design with Ethermon.

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