Metastrike Game Mode Showcase

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Metastrike Game Mode Showcase

Metastrike enters the NFT Gaming segment and from the outset aims to make an impact with players in search of a thrilling first-person-shooter experience. With a development team made up of industry-leading designers and engineers, Metastrike immerses players in an unparalleled gaming metaverse, supported by a play-to-earn economy that is bursting with elaborately designed NFTs and earning potential.

Our FPS experience delivers exceptional and realistic graphics and gameplay. We have taken cues and elevated our game compared to previously successful giants such as CS:GO and Call of Duty, enabling players to power up their characters in the game as their skills improve. At the core of our mission is a fervent desire to engage with our community and provide them with an ecosystem that features a variety of gaming modes with profit-earning opportunities at every turn.

ELO: Levelling the Metastrike Playing Field

Commonly used as a rating marker in Chess, ELO is a popular method used to calculate the skills of players that face off in zero-sum games with two (or more) players. But how is this relevant to an FPS blockchain game such as Metastrike?

One of our top priorities from the moment the concept of Metastrike was conceived was to create equal opportunity for all players to maximize their in-game participation. To us, this meant having players involved in all available gaming modes with a fair chance at winning and earning. To prepare players, we developed a rewards-based training course that they must complete to have access to other battle modes. However, we also anticipated that not all players would develop at the same pace, and thus, decided that an ELO rating would be appropriate.

As developers, the last thing we would want is a player entering our ecosystem and feeling like they never stood a chance. Demoralizing community members has never been a recipe to success, and as such, we want to ensure players are matched against opponents of a similar skill level. This is where ELO assures we can achieve this goal and provide players with a similarly-ranked field of opponents to face off against and evolve their gameplay naturally.

Repetitive Gameplay? Think Again

In the previous paragraphs, we mentioned briefly that Metastrike will keep players engaged with a variety of gaming modes. Unlike other FPS games we surveyed, Metastrike offers players more choices to prevent boring and repetitive gameplay. We highlight some classics and sparsely used fan favorites below:

  • Deathmatch: A solo or team free-for-all battle in which players must defeat (kill) their opponents as many times as possible. Winning can be based upon the number of kills in a set time limit or a kill limit.
  • Demolition mode: A bomb-defusing game. Strategically choose 4 partners to battle against other teams of 5 and participate in a best of 30 matches — your endurance and mental stamina will be tested!
  • Casual Mode: An elimination mode, featuring two teams, in which players must defeat other players on the opposing team.
  • Sniper vs. Sniper: Think you’re the ultimate marksman? Now is your chance to prove it! In this game mode, players face off against an opposing team using only sniper rifles.
  • Capture the Flag: Imagine the popular elementary school game you remember but with realistic FPS graphics and an arsenal that can supply an elite fighting force! Capture the other team’s flag and stay alive to win.

Guild Mode: The Mother of All FPS Gaming Modes

While we’re confident the previous game modes mentioned provide players with a wide selection of entertainment and earning opportunities, the Metastrike team lets players raise the stakes in a virtual reality winner-take-all NFT battle extravaganza! Initially, clans can acquire land in several ways such as airdrops and on the open market.

However, Clan Wars, a.k.a. Guild Mode, lets players put NFT land on the line to battle and win even more! This land provides clans with the opportunity to earn a passive income through farming, and clans can also increase the value of their land by building upon it. The infrastructure land has, the more advantages it gives a team as they can develop powerful armaments such as bombs, equipment, and more!

Connecting with Our Community

The Metastrike team is focused on delivering an unrivaled play-to-earn FPS game that also enables players to collect and proudly show off their in-game assets. Our ecosystem is centered around the principle of inclusivity, ensuring that players of all skill levels have a chance to participate, improve, and enjoy lucrative rewards. While we are proud of the progress we have made and the various gaming modes created, there still is much more to come! We are constantly working to develop new ways to elevate your NFT gaming experience and we look forward to receiving your feedback on features you’d like to see added to our ecosystem.

About Metastrike

Metastrike is a blockchain-based virtual reality FPS-RPG that delivers top-tier gameplay and graphics. It also features an equitable play-to-earn economy that rewards players for their time and dedication to improving their skills in the game. The game features an array of digital assets that players can collect and trade on the open market such as weapons, skins, projectiles, and more. The team is made up of blockchain experts, game designers, marketing leaders, and engineers all at the top of their respective fields.

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