Metastrike Gameplay Overview

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Metastrike Gameplay Overview

First-person shooters (FPS) embody the greater video game industry, with virtually every TV show, movie character and avid gamer in your network knowing a thing or two about the classics. Unsurprisingly, this genre has now been around for nearly 45 years. While the graphics have evolved since the early days, one thing has stayed the same: the presence of the same heart-racing gameplay, an aspect that has proven that it’s not the graphics that are prepared to stand the test of time; it’s the thrill. Although we do admit, modern-day graphics do make for a more immersive experience.

Now, looking to the future of FPS, we invite players to join in on an experience that exhibits all of the thrills they have come to know and love, with a new twist to bring it into the blockchain era. Leveraging this technology has allowed us to incorporate aspects of play to earn and build to earn concepts, to make the overarching experience even more immersive. While these concepts may be foreign to you, remember that Metastrike holds many of the core features of traditional gameplay, including weapons, characters, and various game modes. With this, we know Metastrike will invoke a sense of familiarity among its players but be accompanied by the excitement of new features, driven by the potential to earn. The new mechanics and earning potential will enhance what has been working well in the FPS industry while offering players long sought-after updates to a once stagnant industry framework.

Gameplay Meets Maximum Earning Potential

Our aim with Metastrike is to provide something more to the industry through the gameplay itself. A large part of our innovation comes in the form of build to earn, where players may leverage their FPS experience and creativity to develop their own maps. In gameplay, players may enter the Design Room, a location in the game environment where creativity is tested, and maps become NFTs minted on the blockchain. Community members will then be allowed to vote on the ones with the best design for a chance to introduce it into Metastrike’s team mode, where players may earn from its success and test their creativity when they aren’t busy climbing the leaderboards alongside their friends.

Furthermore, in contrast to traditional FPS games, players often face the barrier of cost when they wish to start a new game. This is eliminated with the Metastrike model, which operates as a free to play game, where purchases of in-game assets to enhance your experience is entirely optional. Keep in mind that the purchase of an in-game asset isn’t a sunk cost, so much as it is an investment opportunity. Because players can upgrade the item, they may relist their initial “investment” on the marketplace for a profit. More and better in-game assets can also be collected as players progress through the game or craft existing items into something more useful for their strategy, such as a weapon or piece of armor.

It is our belief that Metastrike is innovative in its ability to bring to life a true FPS with all of the classic blockchain features, including NFTs and staking, shaping an experience that is nothing short of exhilarating.

Engrained in Our FPS Roots

There’s something to be said about playing from the perspective of your character. The excitement. The immersion. That’s something that’s hard to replicate when you are playing from a distance, and it’s not something we’ve forgotten. That’s why in Metastrike, we have not lost the foundation that makes FPS games so entertaining and has brought along several gaming modes for every type of player. At an initial glance, users will find Zombie mode, a single-player mode where players are put on a specific mission, team mode, a fight with the enemy, and deathmatch mode for the highest stakes. If you are fond of those, we have taken it a step further and added in a few of our favourites that haven’t gotten as much love in the past, such as kill confirm, run and conquest. When it comes time to battle, loot boxes with varying rarities are up for grabs, also existing as NFTs. Therefore, winnings can be sold for real money in the marketplace.

We also want to call out the ability blockchain gaming provides with guild mode functionality, further adding a level of complexity and depth for the community. In guild mode, players can win land use it to build a headquarters and home within the game. This gives players additional skin in the game and eliminates the age-all struggle of “people not trying.” With players now having the ability to create in-game elements, campers may have to think twice before pitching their tents as camping spots will be all but predictable.

We recognize the skill in our community and seek opportunities to showcase this, whether through the implementation of creative abilities or having competitions and events that give players an opportunity to boost their reputation and earnings, never losing sight of our FPS roots.

A Classic That Will Stand the Test of Time

We know the world is filled with many classics in the FPS genre, which is why we believe the elements of uniqueness that blockchain brings allow us to exceed the current expectations in the industry. With Peter Nguyen, Son Nguyen, Tiep Pham and several other talented professionals at the helm, we believe Metastrike will bring an experience that will stand the test of time, joining the classics.

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