Metastrike Partners with Magnus Capital

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Metastrike Partners with Magnus Capital

Metastrike Partners with Magnus Capital

We have been overwhelmed with your unwavering support and it has been a source of motivation for our team to continuously strive towards reaching new milestones. Metastrike has gained a lot of traction over the last few months and has caught the attention of many important entities in the DeFi space. On that note, the Metastrike team is proud to announce that our ecosystem is expanding as we welcome Magnus Capital as a strategic partner.

Like us, the Magnus Capital team has been an active player in the world of DeFi. They boast an impressive portfolio of supported projects in areas such as crypto, GameFi, and NFTs. This includes projects such as Sienna, TrustSwap, Sigmadex, DAO Maker, LaunchX, Blank Wallet, and many others.

Magnus Capital takes a dedicated, hands-on approach to every project they support. They offer a full range of services making their role as our partner a key asset to us and the entire Metastrike community. Their insight and experience will enable the Metastrike team to broaden our reach while implementing crucial management techniques.

Magnus Capital’s Thoughts on Metastrike

“As avid gamers and P2E investors, Magnus is thrilled to partner up with MetaStrike. We’re here to support and empower the project ensuring its success. We believe the game and its mechanics will be exciting for years to come. Players will definitely get hooked.” We appreciate the kind words! Together we hope to deliver something everlasting within the gaming and play to earn community.

About Magnus Capital

Magnus Capital has been an active investor in DeFi dating back to 2017. Their team strongly believes that digital assets and DeFi apps will play a crucial role as more economies around the world make the switch to a decentralized framework. Magnus implements a stringent vetting process of every project they support to ensure their fundamentals, use-cases, and the team is of the highest pedigree. They seek true market disruptors and those that provide scalable solutions in the world of DeFi

About Metastrike

Metastrike is a blockchain-based virtual reality FPS-RPG that delivers top-tier gameplay and graphics. It also features an equitable play-to-earn economy that rewards players for their time and dedication to improving their skills in the game. The game features an array of digital assets that players can collect and trade on the open market such as weapons, skins, projectiles, and more. The team is made up of blockchain experts, game designers, marketing leaders, and engineers all at the top of their respective fields.

Connect with Magnus Capital

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Connect with Metastrike

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