‘$OTAKU’ Token Utilities

Oct 14 - Caelan Flemmings
‘$OTAKU’ Token Utilities

We at FOMO Chronicles believe that, for a stable ecosystem to form, all those providing capital should be fully informed on the prevalent economics associated with our company. That is why we’re providing you with this article. We will dive deep into the various financial parameters an investor needs to understand before deciding whether to invest in our network. We will also explain the most pertinent token utilities derived from our native token $OTAKU.

Through qualitative validation, we hope that you will become as excited as we are to trailblaze forward as the #1 leading Manga-inspired NFT project in crypto!

Staking: By simply staking your $OTAKU tokens in our staking pools powered by Ferrum Network, one can receive an unusually high %APY passively! It’s our mission to provide our entire community with a consistent source of income in response to their commitment to ensuring the prosperity of our ecosystem!

Currency: As you’d expect from a token native to a Manga NFT marketplace, you can use your $OTAKU for purchasing purposes! The entire assortment of NFTs will be readily available in our advanced shopping platform, aside from the ultra-rare NFTs that can only be retrieved through supporting FOMO chronicles in its early evolutionary days!

Lore Creation: Staking of one’s $OTAKU tokens provides the exclusive opportunity to create the newest character native to the FOMO chronicles lore! You will make 10% of the total sales from the sale of that manga. Furthermore, every time the character is showcased in our ecosystem, you receive royalties!

Tier Membership: To qualify for the Tier Membership, users need to hold a required amount of $OTAKU for each tier. Each tier consists of different utilities such as passive income from NFT sales, profit sharing from NFT sales, governance committee, voting/approval rights, etc.

And Much More: We believe advanced and diverse functionalities of token utility is key to a successful NFT ecosystem in 2021/2022, and that is why we have a multitude of other features inherent to our tokens, including NFT airdrop functionalities, NFT integration as an in-game asset for our upcoming DeGame, amongst others!

Tokenomics Breakdown

Token Name — $OTAKU Token

Token Ticker — $OTAKU

Blockchain- Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard — BEP20

Initial circulating Supply– 25,578,750

Total Supply — 950 million

Token Price — $0.01 (public)

Initial Market Cap — $255,788


As one can see, our ecosystem is very different from many other NFT projects in the crypto-space. We prioritize transparency and honesty for our investors so that they can make an informed decision on whether they feel our ecosystem is a lucrative area to invest in. We strive to provide our Manga-loving community with the most refined and revolutionary NFT-infused lore ever experienced within crypto’s vast ecosystem and will have a polished NFT marketplace to facilitate bustling peer-to-peer economics within our world.

The future is very bright for those inspired by the ways of Manga. To our entire community, we’d like to thank you for supporting our pioneering efforts and allowing us to achieve the great feats we have conquered thus far!

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