ParaState’s WasmEdge Nominated for the Jammie Awards

Oct 22 - Caelan Flemmings
ParaState’s WasmEdge Nominated for the Jammie Awards

We are excited to announce that our backend infrastructure WasmEdge (AKA SSVM) has been nominated in this year’s Jammie Awards. This nomination recognized our team’s efforts in producing high-performance WebAssembly Runtime for edge computing. The Jammies are a series of awards given out by the Jamstack organization, which provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate all the great work accomplished in the space. The news has made us incredibly proud and honored to have the chance to celebrate with such a talented group of global innovators.

Jamstack regularly hosts a virtual event that brings together developers to build the future of the web. The theme for this year’s conference, which occurred from October 6–7, went by the title, “how it started; how it’s going,” to show the advancements the modern web has made in the last five years. The 2021 event included over 30 talks, several workshops, and updates from different open source communities. As a part of this event, a series of Jammie Awards were awarded to recognize projects, individuals and companies that can push forward the modern web and Jamstack ecosystem. Awards consist of several categories, including the Social Impact Award, Community Creator Award, Ecosystem Award, Outstanding Community Meetup, Jamstack Project of the Year, and Jamstack agency of the year.

To be selected, projects must be nominated by the team themselves, their colleagues, or other community members. With short nominations in hand, including links, stories, statistics, or additional relevant information, Jamstack selects the top 5 nominees in each category and puts them up to vote. Therefore, the final decision of who takes home the Jammies trophy is up to the community. The vote results are later revealed at the live Jamstack conference in regular intervals throughout the event.

Ecosystem Innovation Award Nominee

This year, our nomination was under the category of the Ecosystem Innovation Award. For some background, Jamstack describes this award as projects or initiatives that:

“Extend the power and reach of the Jamstack ecosystem, with an outstanding service that empowers developers and drives innovation.”

The work that we highlighted in this space was WasmEdge, our open-source project hosted by the CNCF, which provides a secure, lightweight, and portable code execution sandbox for Jamstack serverless functions, especially on edge computing nodes. For additional context, today, the world’s largest network operates on the coding language, Solidity. With WasmEdge, the aim is to break down the language barriers of blockchain by making EWASM/Ethereumcompatible smart contracts that can be written in more than 20 programming languages.

We also received recognition from you (our community) for promoting the Jamstack concept with several helpful content pieces, including articles, blogs, and tech conferences.

Our team would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the team that made the Jamstack conference happen, including those who contributed and maintained the event. With your support, our team can excitedly share the impact of how a nomination in a community like this one will help to propel our work and the future of the modern web forwards.

More About Jamstack

For those unfamiliar, Jamstack is a website architecture designed with speed, security, and scalability as its focus. To achieve this, Jamstack lets servers do most of the work before the website, or web app sends it to the device. The concept of pre-rendering allows the entire front end to be prebuilt into optimized static pages that can be served directly from a CDN. Other benefits include a reduction in cost, complexity, and risk. Additionally, Jamstack technology builds on tools and workflows that developers already know and love, further enhancing productivity.

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