Project SEED NFT Utilities: 3 Things to Get Excited For

Nov 23
Project SEED NFT Utilities: 3 Things to Get Excited For

Project SEED NFT Utilities: 3 Things to Get Excited For

Innovation to Open Up New Possibilities

Our mission for Project SEED is to revolutionize the blockchain gaming sector, create gameplay that is on par or even surpass conventional AAA games currently within the space, provide the highest play-to-earn winnings, and build a community that can synergistically foster growth and evolve the crypto space as a whole. In order to actualize these mission statements, we need innovative technology to instill these components within our projects. One way we plan to do this is by creating utility in our NFTs that are completely unique to any other blockchain games or NFT-related projects in the crypto world.

The novelties in our NFTs are not made for the sake of sheer uniqueness, but rather to enable ourselves to provide our players with the best gaming experience possible, whilst allowing high monetary rewards throughout their journey.

How the Project SEED Marketplace is Unique

The type of NFT utilities we will be explaining today revolves around facilitating the most profitable NFT marketplace for our community as possible, and our gameplay-based NFT utilities will be explained in a later article.

With that being said, let’s delve into the 3 key unique components about our NFTs that will allow Project SEED to lead the play-to-earn metaverse space and create the new age of AAA blockchain gaming!

NFT Utility #1: Cross-Game Interoperability

As many of our followers are already aware of, we are having many teams simultaneously create different blockchain games at the moment, so as to provide various avenues and game genres for our community depending on their playstyle and overall preferences. However, we want to expand the connection among our games beyond the fact they are created by Project SEED, through creating a functional interoperability. . We aim to achieve this with our unique NFT metadata that allows cross-game transferability.

This means that a player’s in-game NFT assets, such as their character or armour, earned in one SEED Metaverse will be fully capable to transfer into another SEED game world. This unique functionality provides 2 benefits for our users: 1) It gives continuity in one’s in-game earnings throughout the entire SEED game series, and 2) It facilitates the economic unity of all of our games, thereby creating one expansive marketplace where our players will have countless NFT trading opportunities.

As previously stated, this NFT interoperability will create an exclusive marketplace with excellent yields on a high trading volume for the savvy NFT traders. 

NFT Utility #2: SEED Merchant Capabilities

We plan to further facilitate opportunities for our players to profit through becoming a Merchant within the SEED marketplace. When one is granted a Merchant entitlement within our ecosystem, they will have full access to in-depth data on their NFT market performances so that they can strategically analyze and refine their marketing tactics. Merchants will also be able to advertise their NFTs through various innovative mediums within our metaverse!

The NFT marketing opportunities within Project SEED are extensive, and due to the cross-gaming NFT functionalities, an active NFT enthusiast will always have the ability to seamlessly transfer their shop between each game within the SEED series. For those who love to strategically profit in bustling marketplaces like in World of Warcraft’s Auction House, you would be particularly fit for a Merchant title within Project SEED.

The only difference is, your auction house skillsets earn you real-world money within our ecosystem!

NFT Utility #3: Cross-Project Interoperability

Our NFT marketplace, however, goes even further than to all of our own blockchain games. Users are able to directly connect our NFTs to all marketplaces within our extensive portfolio of game partnerships! This means that one’s NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded amongst our partner’s marketplaces, vastly expanding the NFT marketplace for our entire SEED community.

Now that you have learned of the various avenues one can capitalize on the monetary rewards derived from our unique NFT functionalities, you may be wondering what specific metaverse will initiate the Project SEED NFT economy?

The Start of  Project SEED Game Series: Outland Odyssey

Our first game launch will be Outland Odyssey, a fast-paced action RPG built to provide high play-to-earn rewards whilst maintaining enticing gameplay reminiscent of current AAA RPGs within the conventional gaming space. Our players will be embarking on a journey where they can immerse in the cognitively stimulating environment of Outland Odyssey gameplay without even realizing their monetary earnings accrued over time!

The game’s NFTs will be categorized into 4 main components: Heroes, Zeds, Weapons, and Armor. While heroes, weapons, and armor are self-explanatory, Zeds will be the various creatures you will hunt throughout your journey, with the option to tame them in order to establish yourself as an Odyssey hunter in-game!

While the full breadth of the Outland Odyssey’s game design is outside the scope of this article, it is important to note that Outland’s NFTs will be what is traded first within the quickly expanding SEED NFT marketplace.


As you have learned, we at Project SEED have created an NFT marketplace that offers countless opportunities to make high profitability margins within our ecosystem to those who seek to capitalize on NFT trading. Thank you to all of our community for your unwavering support, and we will see you within the Project SEED metaverse!

To learn more about Project SEED, check out our website. To better understand the intricacies that govern our ecosystem, take a look at our whitepaper.

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