Project SEED Roadmap: A Closer Look At The Future of Our Gaming Metaverse

Nov 04
Project SEED Roadmap: A Closer Look At The Future of Our Gaming Metaverse

Project SEED Roadmap: A Closer Look At The Future of Our Gaming Metaverse

While the COVID-19 pandemic forced industries across the world to cut back production and in some cases close down entirely, it had the complete opposite effect on mobile gaming. The industry recorded a 12% increase from 2019–2020, raking in $77.2B in revenue, with gains expected to rise at the end of 2021 and into the new year.

This meteoric surge comes at the perfect time, as Project SEED’s gaming metaverse ecosystem aims to reshape the market and provide ground-breaking decentralized gameplay. The platform includes GameFi, E-Sports, a DAO, and a built-in economic model that allows players to join others around the world to maximize their profits as full-time NFT gamers.

A Closer Look at Project SEED Ecosystem Features

Project SEED offers our users a full suite of blockchain-powered features to elevate their DeGaming experience. GameFi products include a wallet, token staking, an in-house swapping app, and lending assets. We encourage NFT creators to join our community through an NFT program that is full of key partnerships, auctions, and a marketplace that enables users to buy, sell, and rent digital assets.

Our first game, Outland Odyssey, features a unique RPG experience full of battle modes, multiplayer adventures, exploration, and much more. Players can let their creativity run in a metaverse as they create dungeons, tame wild beasts (called Zeds), and build up their collection of valuable in-game assets. We are also integrating a DAO into our game development, to completely empower players as the true owners of the game.

Through our growth program, we set out to grow the blockchain gaming industry at an exponential rate, and we have partnered with industry leaders across various fields such as E-sports to help accomplish this goal.

A Look at Our Roadmap

With the first three quarters of 2021 resulting in many successful milestones, we wanted to take some time to share our upcoming plans for the rest of the year and into 2022.

Q4 2021 — Public Sale Incoming

What better way to kick off Q4 with one of our biggest events of the year, our Public Sale which takes place on November 9th. Before the year’s end, Project SEED will also launch $SHILL staking, host our first NFT auction, present our much-anticipated NFT marketplace and host a very exciting Demo Day for our community.

Q1 2022 — Systemizing the Process

Our team will welcome the new year in a big way, unveiling 84 new game assets and an array of systems that will optimize our user experience which includes Inventory, AI, Crafting, Multiplayer, and Skills. Our Rental Marketplace, the Open Alpha version along with a Bug Bounty Program will also debut during this time.

Q2 2022 — Dungeon Dwelling & Official Launch!

During the second quarter of 2022, players will be able to access the Dungeon creator, enabling them to construct the most punishing sub-terrain chamber their imagination can conjure. This will be followed by the unveiling of a system optimization protocol, finally leading us into our long awaited official launch!

Q3 2022 — Evolution, Game Assets & More!

It has never been in our nature to slow down and that is evident with the deliverables we plan to unveil in Q3 of 2022. Players will be introduced to 5 maps, 3 Hubworlds, our Evolution system, and an additional 222 game assets, adding much anticipation and excitement for the year to come.

Q4 2022 — Ending the Year with a Bang

What better way to end the year than with a host of other game developments and upgrades to Assets, Systems, Maps, and Hubworld. This will cap off the year in perfect form and propel us forward with new momentum leading into 2023.

The Potential of GameFi

We believe strongly that the full potential of GameFi has yet to be reached and the current $30 billion market cap is only a taste of things to come. When considering the traditional gaming market has been in business for decades and sits at roughly $200 billion, coupled with DeFi’s 10x large market cap, we believe that Project SEED will be a major catalyst in reaching and surpassing these numbers; And with your support, we will make it happen.

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