Proof of Work with Recent Examples

Feb 06 - Deeban Ratneswaran
Proof of Work with Recent Examples

Proof of Work with Recent Examples

Do you want a little more in-depth information about what we do? We can tailor our work based on what you need from an investor, the number of funds raised, and the allocation size. We are flexible and are interested in networking with the best individuals in this space. Below are examples of the types of strategies we employ and how we work.

Here up some recent projects, we’ve worked with and how we’ve operated.

We are early-stage investors in ChainGuardians and led on supporting the onboarding of the correct VC and advisors, marketing and strategy. We appointed a marketing manager, Giff creation, weekly Twitter campaigns, and 16x Youtube video creation.

Here is one example of a coordinated hype campaign from our community which we can create on-demand since we have nurtured our community over many years.

We “leaked” (with permission) this information into the ChainGuardian telegram group

This created a lot of chatter in the telegram group, a 20% increase in the number of TG participants off one tweet; and also lots of activity in the TG: (follow the link in this tweet)

And was followed by this video which we co-ordinated:

We put real attention to detail in creating coordinated campaigns through our community. Here is an example of one of the Youtube videos we facilitated by an excellent community member:

Kylin Network

As well as supporting a considerably large raise, we have been creating regular strategic partnerships with a number of top start-ups and continue to do so, including with SpiderDao, ChainGuardians, Cudos and We continue to work hard to support the projects we invest in.

Boson Protocol

We have been regularly advising on strategy, future use-cases, tokenomics, price stabilisation and launchpad initiation. We also supported the onboarding of VCs and the Ignition Launchpad via Masters Ventures and Kyle Chasse, and continue to be heavily supportive in this tier 1 project. Please see testimonials.


We were both token and equity investors and continue to arrange strategic partnerships with tier 1 projects and arrange timings of announcements at critical times. With the limited examples above we facilitated the strategic partnerships with Kylin Network and ChainGuardians.

These are a few recent examples of the work we do, and one example of how we can leverage our community to support marketing. For a greater breakdown on marketing and dissemination read this blog here.

A community venture capital firm for whom we have a lot of mutual respect. One of the most hyped VC in the crypto space whose top two community Dao groups currently cost $100,000 and $500,000 to be a part of, which gives some insight into the demand and loyalty from the community they have cultivated. We collaboratively advise on project investments and joint strategy, and can also make an introduction.

If you would like to enquire about investment please feel free to book here:

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