RAZE Network: Why We Invested

Jun 06 - Aydan Flemmings
RAZE Network: Why We Invested

RAZE Network: Why we Invested

Many cryptocurrency users are anxious because they believe their assets’ identity, behaviour, and content are too transparent. Despite the over 2 trillion dollar crypto market, a cross-chain privacy solution is yet to be adopted. Raze Network, a native privacy layer, aims to change this by providing end-to-end anonymity for the entire Defi and Web3.0 stack.

While there are other privacy solutions in the cryptocurrency market space, such as ZCASH, Quorum ZSL, and Nightfall 3, these platforms are riddled with problems. Mainly, these obstacles include:

(1) a trusted setup requires a valid certificate made by a third party

(2) high proof generation costs

(3) lack of interoperability.

Raze has overcome these limitations with a variety of innovations.

Needing a third-party intermediary to provide a valid certification gravely compromises the spirit of decentralization. To combat this, Raze Network has developed a new zero-knowledge proof mechanism on the Zether Protocol named Σ-bullets, which creates a private account system, eliminating the need for a third party.

The efficient Σ-Bullets system integrates the Shrubs Merkel Tree and ElGamal Encryption algorithm to significantly reduce the proof size and long verification period. These changes will make proof generation costs minimal. Furthermore, by optimizing the proof size, Raze can dramatically reduce gas fees.

Raze is developed on the Polkadot ecosystem; however, the platform is committed to providing privacy solutions for many popular chains, including Ethereum, Cosmos, Binance Smart Chain, and more. This interoperability will be realized with Raze Swap and Raze’s cross-chain bridge. Raze’s ecosystem will allow users to mint, swap, and redeem a multitude of anonymous variants of the aforementioned popular coins, thus providing the market with a holistic solution for all of their anonymity needs.

Raze has inspired the confidence of many well-respected investors alongside GD10, including Master Ventures, Block Dream Fund, Au21 Capital, Spark Digital capital, and many others.

Raze’s current market cap in its very early stages is 12.5 million, with a diluted market cap of 99.5 million. Raze has significant growth potential, as evidenced by their competitor ZCASH, which has a 2.7 billion market cap and a 4.9 billion diluted market cap.

Raze is led by a team of crypto industry experts, marketing professionals, strategic advisors, and blockchain engineers. The team has a deep understanding of zero-knowledge algorithms and they have also implemented privacy techniques on the Ethereum network.

We have decided to add Raze Network to our portfolio because it can become the most comprehensive privacy protocol for the entire DeFi and Web 3.0 stack. They are well equipped to be adopted by investors looking for anonymity.

For more on RAZE Network, check out our First Look article here.




By Aydan Flemmings

Graphic Design by Caelan Flemmings 

Eds. Mitchell KellerDr. Deeban Ratneswaran

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