Roseon Finance: The User Friendly Multi-Utility Cryptocurrency Solution

Nov 13 - Michael McLarnon
Roseon Finance: The User Friendly Multi-Utility Cryptocurrency Solution


Roseon Finance is a one-stop shop to meet all the needs of the average crypto investor and positions itself to introduce more individuals to the world of cryptocurrency through its simple user interface, elegant mobile design and ease of access to multiple DeFi utilities.

As a multi-chain yield aggregator, Roseon is a hybrid solution integrating both centralised (CeFi) and decentralised (DeFi) services within a single user experience (CeDeFi), bringing a plethora of features to its ecosystem.

Roseon can be described as an all-in-one crypto management application, with an in-built cross-chain wallet, its own launchpad (RoseonPad), a multitude of farming protocols, and additionally provides marketing support for affiliated brands. Over time, they are slowly amassing a broader range of token pools to participate in, with some of the greatest APY currently available in DeFi. Currently supported blockchains include Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon and Solana, with room for expansion.

Cross-chain NFT wallet

The Roseon App features an in-built NFT Gallery to store, collect and trade NFTs. Not only can digital arts be viewed through the application, but they can be sold on NFT marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible. Roseon owns its own collection of digital artwork, on which bids can be made on Opensea under “Roseon Collection” (

Launchpad (RoseonPad)

RoseonPad is the latest addition to Roseon’s arsenal. It is an inn-app launchpad facilitating the IAO (Initial App Offering) for users, allowing them to participate in carefully selected, high-quality project tokens and NFTs, either privately or publicly. Thematically, these projects will either be within the booming GameFi (NFT gaming, DeFi) or metaverse markets. Upcoming projects include ZomFi, MetaStrike and Space Falcon; the whitelisting for ZomFi is currently live ( Importantly, Roseon is a licensed launchpad. Other projects soon to be launched with Roseon are the highly anticipated Billionaire Plus, ShopNEXT and Dopewarz.

Holders or those staking the $ROSN token get exclusive VIP access to projects on the launchpad, with more tokens held correlating to a higher VIP level and a greater token allocation within the pool. A second, public round then opens at a later date, allowing all users of the platform to participate. It should be noted, however, that private (or VIP) sale rounds are typically listed at a cheaper token price. It is therefore within the interested investor’s interest to hold or stake as much ROSN as possible, to attain greater allocations in projects at lower prices. In turn, this increases the value of the native $ROSN token, incentivising its purchase through this new token utility and increasing demand.

Staking and Farming with Roseon

Yield farming lets users add liquidity to liquidity pools, with the collected funds used for market making: this is often referred to as Automated Market Making (AMM) protocol. In return for adding liquidity, a certain variable-rate APY is returned to the investor. Roseon collects the pools with the best yields and makes them readily available from their application. Their algorithmic farming system manages the risk by picking up the systems with gas-efficient smart contracts and is a safer alternative to independent yield farming strategies.

The Roseon dual rewards program incentivises users farming projects where they will receive additional yield in Roseon as well as the token in the pool. For investors, this will bring increased interest in their pool, subsequently increasing liquidity. Users are rewarded for holding and the team has increased funds for building its product. Interested parties can form a “Dual Rewards Agreement” with Roseon.

Everything is centralised through the Portfolio Manager, which empowers users to oversee their portfolio and rebalance it as needed.


Savings are a low-risk solution allowing users to lock their assets for a predetermined period and earn fixed-rate interest, typically with much higher APYs (typically between 1-10% over 30-180 days) than those offered from traditional finance.

Marketing support

Roseon provides several packages of brand marketing activities, across several price ranges. Marketing activities include AMA (Ask Me Anything)/Airdrop, sponsored articles, sponsored tweets (pinned and unpinned) and in-app banners and push notifications. Each AMA is typically 45 minutes to an hour and their telegram platform has over 30,000 organic members. Their service fees for different packages are outlined in the graphic below.

Token Utility

Holding and spending/staking $ROSN tokens presents several incentives for users, including promotional offers. These are proportional to the number of tokens held by the user.

Firstly, paying platform fees through $ROSN ensures users receive a discounted fee, or even rebates if they hold enough tokens.

Furthermore, holding and staking more tokens increases the tier status of the user, which has an expanding number of rewards, particularly with the introduction of RoseonPad. Aforementioned, a higher tier status will allow for a greater allocation in the VIP sales of projects on the launchpad. More tokens also equate to higher farming bonuses on yields and exclusive access to new features as they are introduced to the platform. $ROSN will likely be linked to Rose Points, a form of rewards, mentioned later.

$ROSN is also required for staking in the “Lucky Draw” format, with a minimum number of tokens required for entry; this feature is a Stake, Earn and Draw Program that gamifies staking with lucky draw, where stakers earn rewards from staking and a chance to win a prize.

Recent developments and Future Direction

In recent months, Roseon has integrated an in-app swap feature enabling switching from one token asset to another, was listed on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and formed several new strategic partnerships to best ease their expansion into GameFi and launchpad territory. Their swap feature automatically seeks the highest liquidity with the lowest fees and present the best available options for the user to select to swap their tokens. Furthermore, they recently hit a TVL (total value locked, the most popular and respected metric in DeFi) of 10 million dollars.

Looking towards their roadmap over the next several months, the next steps include integrating with Simplex, a licensed financial institution and powerful fiat/crypto infrastructure.

With GameFi exploding onto the Web3 scene in recent months, Roseon has enhanced its roadmap to enable its users to best capitalise upon this. Between now and February 2022, following the introduction of the recent Launchpad, we can expect to see a new Game Store as an internal game asset and in-game marketplace, as well as a play-to-earn (P2E) Game Centre with various mini-games. Additionally, the further introduction of in-app rewards to the Roseon community will come with "Rose Points".


At its heart, Roseon targets the average investor, empowering individuals with little prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or direction of where to begin. It makes DeFi services and NFTs accessible to this population, as a single application to access your wallet, stake, yield farm and now even invest in early-stage projects. Their accessible user interface and customer-centric approach break down many initial barriers to getting involved in cryptocurrency and paves a path forward as the complete package for budding investors. The teams unmatched ingenuity and strong enthusiasm for improving Roseon ensure that the platform is constantly evolving. Five-star reviews, tens of thousands of downloads and millions of dollars locked are a testament to this mission.

Check out Roseon here:

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By Michael McLarnon

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