Shoot, Build and Earn: Introducing Metastrike

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
Shoot, Build and Earn: Introducing Metastrike

Our team decided it was the time to strike when the iron was hot and introduce the gaming industry to Metastrike, a role-playing shooting game, complete with diverse gaming modes, profound AI built into all NPCs, and all the inherent benefits of blockchain gaming. Within the game, players can equip their shooters as they progress through levels, complete missions, and, most importantly, earn.

What is play-to-earn?

Earning in cryptocurrency games is a novel concept called “play to earn.” In a play-to-earn game, players garner rewards in the physical world for their participation in the digital world, which is made possible through nonfungible tokens AKA NFTs. NFTs exist on the blockchain and guarantee that the holder owns in-game assets rather than “rents” them from an in-game server. The result is that when players participate in missions, steal an asset from another player or succeed in a fight; they can earn real money.

In-game assets that can be sold for a profit might include a player’s gun collection or their own map. In addition to leveraging the blockchain model, we also set out to combine all of the essential features for modern multiplayer FPS games, including characters, shells and explosions, and make this game accessible to all players as a free-to-play game, with basic access not requiring any purchases ahead of time.

To bring this game to life, our team brings a diverse wealth of knowledge with previous experience at Ubisoft working on Hungry Dragon and Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV. Understanding the great potential for the crypto gaming industry to provide players with the freedom that would otherwise be impossible to achieve within traditional gaming ecosystems, we quickly recognized that a large and seemingly obvious gap existed in this space. Until recently, there were no high-skill first-person shooters available for the modern gamer. Hence, the introduction to Metastrike.

Opportunities to earn

The way the current market is laid out, first-person shooter games on traditional gaming systems and blockchain games lack the level of AI and strategy necessary for compelling gameplay. With Metastrike, we wanted to bring the best of these two worlds, using a unique art style that mimicked what users would expect in a shooter game and gave an added element of realness and original artistry. As a result, the illustrations players will come across are believed to elevate the underlying gameplay, which includes opportunities to battle with players against them or enact a level of strategy to steal from them.

Like other play-to-earn games, players can earn in several ways, the most prominent being in the PvP mode betting model and other gaming competitions. However, other opportunities exist to craft NFT pieces or build other metaverse items like maps. These items can later be listed on the marketplace to be subsequently sold for real money.

Many ways to play

For variety, participants can take advantage of multiple different gaming modes. Among them are the team, deathmatch and zombie modes, each tailored to another type of experience. In zombie mode, a player must embark and pass a solo mission. If a player is successful, they will earn in-game tokens based on their performance and the result. Alternatively, players may engage in team mode, where they may bet their NFTs and tokens before engaging in a fight, with the winner taking all. Alternatively, as a part of the greater metaverse, players may participate in guild fights with each other to steal land, build their house and own their own headquarters. In HQ, users may create their own game as one more opportunity to earn money.

With more opportunities to play, the question changes from how can I earn to how will I?

We are excited to introduce our growing community to the full experience Metastrike will provide. But, arguably even better than a written description is a full trailer, which you can watch here.

For a detailed project overview, players may also preview the game using the Metastrike Deck.

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