The First Clash of the NFTitans: Ursa and Toro

Feb 15 - GD10 Writer
The First Clash of the NFTitans: Ursa and Toro


Animalia is a digital collectible card game (CCG) developed by a team that is intent on transforming the trading card gaming sector. It allows players to collect, earn in-game rewards, and even create intricate NFT playing cards that are a part of larger and more powerful decks. These decks are utilized when facing off against other players to earn in-game assets and rewards that players own and generate in-game revenue from. The lore behind Animalia is based upon one of the game’s most exciting features, the battle of two factions controlled by Titans, which are commonly referred to by the community as NFTitans.

The first two Titans that were made available to the Animalia community are called Toro, a fearsome bull, and Urso, a powerful bear. Both have an animal lineage that can be further classified into different subspecies and all are represented as non-fungible tokens (hence the moniker NFTitan).

These two factions will sit at the helm of the Animalia battlefield, but don’t be surprised to see other meme-critters make appearances in the game — some of which you might already be familiar with like Doge, Whales, and even Apes.

In light of the recent introduction of Binance Smart Chain’s NFT Metadata Standards, we can confirm that Animalia NFTitan BEP-721 Smart Contract Metadata is compliant with these standards, allowing for the creation of interoperability across different NFT projects. Metadata standards such as “name”, “description”, and “attributes’’ are adopted. The team opted to increase the “image” resolution, from the recommended 350x350px to 4096x5264px to futureproof the viewing experience as we are entering the era of 4K screens.

NFTitan INO: A Massive Success

The launch of Toro and Ursa was a resounding success with INOs that outperformed tremendously. These NFTitans were extremely popular, nearly selling out on most launchpads. The lucky ones that were able to grab their NFTitan did so on the following launchpads: GameStation, Xion Finance, SafeLaunch, NFTb, NFTPad, Babylons, Apollo-X, and TrustPad!

Our First Animalia Showdown Challenge!

Our community engagement has grown by leaps and bounds in recent weeks and our team could not be more delighted. To commemorate this growth, we held the first-ever Animalia showdown, in which Toro and Ursa holders would be required to send a screenshot of their titan and provide a written sentence or two about what owning an NFTitan means to them. Our dev team selected 10 entries that were shortlisted and sent to the community for a final vote to select the winners.

@cordel87 [Entry 6 Titan #664] was the winner of our Ursa challenge while @Sfxfox1 [Entry 1 Titan #1198] was the winner of our Toro challenge. Both winners received $100 each for their entries.

Stay Tuned for More Big Announcements

2022 is off to an incredible start largely due to the overwhelming support we’ve received from our community and for this, we are eternally grateful. Be sure to stay tuned to our social channels for further updates and announcements!

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