The $MTS IDO is Being Moved

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
The $MTS IDO is Being Moved


First and foremost, we have to say, the level of support, engagement and excitement we have received for our upcoming FPS Metaverse has been nothing short of astonishing. For that, we thank you, because without this level of profound commitment from our community we wouldn’t be able to make our dream of bringing a AAA FPS game, to the blockchain, a reality.

With that in mind, we have elected to move our IDO to provide our community with a better experience and ensure our community-first vision is maintained. This move comes for a variety of reasons, all of which is to better the overall long-term outlook for Metastrike and everyone involved.

Why We Are Moving The IDO

The four core reasons we decided to move the $MTS IDO are as follows

  1. We have a lot of incredible support that has elected to join us very close to our IDO and we wanted to give time for these influential and powerful entities to join and grow with Metastrike.
  2. We have enhanced our marketing plans and budget in order to create both a strong player and retail ecosystem prior to launch.
  3. Our goal is to showcase and refine the product more prior to launch. We don’t want to be just another roadmap full of promises on launch but rather a near fully-functional product for our community members.
  4. We want beta testing to closely follow launch to provide as many individuals as possible the chance to interact and improve the final direction of Metastrike!

Once again we truly appreciate your patience and can’t wait to bring all our dreams to fruition with your unyielding support! And know that our new plans will add significantly to the value of what we are creating.

Stay tuned for our new official IDO dates. They will be announced soon!

See you on the leaderboards Metastrikers!

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