The Rise of Mobile Gaming in Blockchain: Project SEEDs Smartphone-Friendly Architecture

Nov 15
The Rise of Mobile Gaming in Blockchain: Project SEEDs Smartphone-Friendly Architecture

The Rise of Mobile Gaming in Blockchain: Project SEEDs Smartphone-Friendly Architecture


Mobile Gaming’s Dominance Within the Marketplace

It is no secret that mobile gaming has grown at an unprecedented rate within recent years. Currently, there are 2.69 billion mobile gamers across the globe, which encompasses approximately 34% of the world’s population. Compared to console and PC gaming, mobile gaming is nearly on par with both of these markets combined (see figure below for quantitative distribution).

In relation to other applications found within mobile phones itself, gaming is still dominating the scene as the most trending sector across App stores (holding a 66% revenue share). Combine these statistics with an average growth rate of smartphone ownership of 11.84% annually, and you have an immensely fruitful market sector within the mobile gaming industry!

How Did Mobile Gaming Raise to Fame?

It is thought that the release of Genshin Impact, a highly embraced MMORPG, on the mobile phone in 2020 initiated the exponential growth of mobile gaming, and particularly that of the RPG genre. Genshin Impact set a precedent for all mobile games to come, in that the mobile-version of the game was the first to facilitate gameplay equivalent to its fellow PC and Console-played editions. This is a critical feat for mobile game applications as no gamer, particularly those looking for the high cognitive challenges inherent to RPG gameplay, wants to succumb to a lesser game experience simply because they chose a portable versus stationary medium to play on.

But why would society nowadays seek out a portable medium to play their games?

Ease of Accessibility is Key for Today’s Societal Demands

Well, the theory of preferring portability for one’s gaming is thought to derive from players seeking to adapt to their progressively busier lives that’s required by common society.

This then raises another question: How can mobile gaming uniquely provide an outlet for people when on a hectic schedule? On a similar note, can blockchain versus conventional mobile gaming provide a unique benefit to one’s time in-game?

As society is progressively having less time available to them, they must be efficient and tactful with how they implement their hobbies throughout their day. As previously stated, 34% of the world’s population consider gaming to be their hobby of choice, and therefore will actively search for available time to enter the metaverse.

This is where mobile phones as a medium to play video games come into play.

Instead of having to segment entire time blocks to play their favourite games, one can instead instantly immerse themselves whenever they have a break on-the-go (ie. Standing in line, in the waiting room for your doctor’s appointment).

Blockchain Gaming Revolutionizing the Reward Model of Gaming for the Future

However, this supplementation of gaming into one’s free time throughout the day holds much more benefit than simple enjoyment, but rather can be an opportunity to earn real-world value with the advent of Blockchain-based gaming. Therefore, it is feasible to think that GameFi, when on a mobile phone, can be utilized to earn additional income without causing any time disrupt to one’s normal day, no matter how hectic one’s schedule is. 

The Exponential Growth of eSports Within Mobile Applications

Now, there is one sector that is growing at an unprecedented rate, but seems to be unnoticed by the masses; Namely, mobile eSports! This isn’t overly surprising considering the fact that the majority of 18-25 year old’s have expressed that they would rather watch eSports than traditional sports. In addition, within 2020, approximately 0.5 billion people (6.3% of the world’s population) report being active esports viewers, and these numbers are growing at an exponential rate every year.

The tide is turning in video gaming’s favour as a whole, and mobile phones seem to be the medium at which it will evolve within.

The Rise of AAA Blockchain-Based Gaming: Project SEED

That is why we are incredibly excited to announce to you our game studios Project SEED; Our mission is to create the future of AAA blockchain-based gaming that more than suffices upon the immersive gameplay we know and love from conventional video games, alongside play-to-earn functionalities that will be ingrained into the games itself!


Our game series will be initially launched solely through mobile applications, and centers around fast-paced gameplay which consequently won’t require any fixed time involvement, so as to allow adaptability for every gamer’s unique lifestyle. We are also actively developing an eSports tournament series to facilitate high-level game competitions within the extensive line of high skill-cap RPG games that are launching within the Project SEED series!


No matter one’s skill level, there is a place for you within the Project SEED metaverse; We respect each of our players' time, and ensure high monetary rewards to those willing to embark on the adventures within our worlds! We also don’t believe in finances limiting one’s ability to join our ecosystem, and that is why we have also made the game free-to-play, so as to allow anyone interested a completely frictionless start within the expansive SEED metaverse.

To learn more about Project SEED, check out our website. To better understand the intricacies that governs our ecosystem, look to our whitepaper.

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