What is an NFT Trading Card Game? Introducing Animalia: Collect, Earn, and Battle

Nov 03 - Caelan Flemmings
What is an NFT Trading Card Game? Introducing Animalia: Collect, Earn, and Battle

Collectible card games are far from a new concept. However, more and more people have taken up collecting and trading cards in a digital form in recent years. The question to many is, why? Collectors look favorably on NFT trading card games for their ability to allow players to truly own their digital collectibles, giving them the ultimate freedom to trade, keep, or sell them anytime they wish. In addition, these card games exist on the blockchain, making them intangible. However, with the digital cards, players can experience a different world through innovative game features and characters or avatars on each card and earn.

As a result, NFT trading card games have contributed significantly to the number of players participating in blockchain-based games, as traditional card collectors have become attracted by the elements of NFTs and the digital ownership that comes along with them.

Inspiring Animalia

When we first thought up the concept of Animalia, one of our primary considerations was the artistic direction. With the proper artistic direction, we knew we could specify the format of the components to create and transform the gaming experience as a whole. In terms of the game content itself, Animalia’s inspiration comes from some of the most referenced crypto meme critters, including the bear, bull, Doge, and whale. We also closely integrate several financial terms throughout the gameplay for an immersive (and slightly educational) experience.

Recognizing the opportunity NFT trading card games bring, we created Animalia, with the mission to enable blockchain access to millions of people from around the world as a part of the play-to-earn revolution. To allow easy access, the game itself will be available on regular platforms as a free-to-play game (no costs necessary to begin playing). As such, we have also positioned the game to act as an introductory medium for financial blockchain technology to the world in a way that is both engaging and entertaining, two things you wouldn’t typically associate with finance. Within the game, players can collect rare trading cards, create custom NFTs, build a complete deck, battle with other players and even earn by selling their cards to other collectors.

Collecting Rare Trading Cards

As part of the network sidechain, an initial series of NFTs called Non-fungible titans will be deployed in a BEP-721 contract. These NFTitans will be highly exclusive such that no two NFTitans are the same, each with varying degrees of in-game powers and abilities. Additionally, our playable critter and weapon NFT cards will be deployed under a BEP-1155 contract. These NFTs will have a variable degree of rarity, from free to common, rare, epic, Legendary, or Arcana. The scarcity of the NFTitans and NFT cards will give users the challenge and satisfaction of building a completely unique collection.

Our future plans include a feature that will allow users to transform their in-game digital NFTs into physical NFT items, enabled through our made-to-order online store, where purchasers will also be able to include additional off-chain information.

Earn Through Playing

Operating under the play-to-earn model, players will have multiple opportunities to earn. Among them are trading Titans, critters, weapons, or landscapes at the in-game NFT marketplace, a feature that allows users to profit from collecting rare and valuable items. Additionally, within the world of Animalia, users can rent out in-game assets for a profit or earn rewards through PvP and PvE gameplay, which can then be sold for cryptocurrency and transferred to fiat. Alternatively, players may add to their collection of luck-based packs generated through randomized algorithms. In-game earn mechanisms are a significant distinction between traditional card games and those available through the blockchain and a big reason for the popularity of games like Animalia.

Fast-paced and full of battle

When it comes to battle, Animalia operates on a turn-based strategy, full of choices and consequences. Matches result in a one versus one battle between two players. Each opponent alternates between turns, playing one card from their hand at a time, which may unleash gemstones, summon critters for fighting, or cast other powerful spells. Players may compete against another human or a computer-generated opponent. Although it is just the beginning, Animalia will undergo many updates that will result in multiple iterations of the battle system.

Currently, players will find the world divided into two main factions within the Animalia Kingdom, owned by either the Bull or Bear as a Titan. Being represented by their chosen ‘Titan,’ users will gain access to special cards and unique power available to them. As each card is played, gamers must attempt to reduce their opponent’s health points to zero before the same is done to them.

Awaiting Launch Day

With many opportunities for players to collect, earn, and battle, we excitedly await to introduce you to the Animalia Kingdom. Our team is currently hard at work in the early stages of game development, although we have pinpointed our official game release to occur sometime in Q3 2022.

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