What Separates Metastrike From the Rest

Mar 14 - Mitchell Keller
What Separates Metastrike From the Rest

The Metastrike team aims to create the first-ever FPS-RPG game to provide players with a truly authentic and immersive NFT gaming experience. Our metaverse consists of multiple gaming modes and the ability for players to take the reigns, enabling them to build, create, and earn like never before. The NFT gaming sector is competitive, to say the least, and with the focus shifting towards expansive metaverses and the opportunities they offer, it was crucial for Metastrike to be both entertaining and equitable for players.

This motivated our team to utilize innovative gaming solutions such as dynamic gameplay, virtual reality, and RPG mechanics, ensuring our community was left fascinated and fully engaged.

Exciting Gameplay

Designing a game that tops the competition in a market as competitive as NFT gaming is no easy feat! But at Metastrike, we’ve risen to the challenge to create a play-to-earn game that enhances our community’s motivation to participate in our ecosystem. A key component to achieving this goal was to infuse gameplay that included a variety of tasks, modes, characters, and rewards to guarantee our user experience does not grow stale and repetitive.

Various game modes such as Zombie mode, Team mode, Rush mode, Deathmatch mode, and Kill Confirmed offer a variety of landscapes for players to participate and earn. Are you feeling confident in your sharpshooting and tactical skills? Users can also bet on their performance and wager tokens and NFTs against opponents in a winner-take-all competition. Metastrike also rewards players with land in our metaverse in which they can build upon and even sell or rent to other players.

Essentially, Metastrike combines classic FPS elements inspired by prominent games such as Call of Duty with blockchain and P2E mechanics, elevating our gameplay to a whole new level.

The VR Factor

The advent of virtual reality in gaming has spawned a new generation of video games that has captivated players across the world. The current market cap of this novel sector sits at a “modest” $7.92bil and is expected to reach a staggering $53.44bil by 2028. This points to virtual reality serving as the game-changer in the space and Metastrike aims to be a leader as this monumental shift occurs.

Metastrike’s VR feature provides players with a one-of-a-kind NFT gaming experience. Users can fully immerse themselves in our metaverse and experience true first-person realism as they battle for honor and rewards. Our team was also adamant about building Metastrike on Unreal Engine. This ensures our in-game elements were adequately enhanced, prompting Metastrike to be the industry standard in blockchain VR gaming, rather than a follower of the pack.

The Best of FPS & RPG

The Metastrike metaverse takes all of the things FPS fanatics love in their games and infuses it with key RPG components to create the perfect amalgamation of gaming features. Players can take their destiny into their own hands and create their stories as they play. Our users will have the opportunity to join a guild (form a team with other players) and build their headquarters on top of NFT land in the game. Upon doing so, they can band together and set out on team missions to battle other guilds and steal new land, thereby boosting their rewards.

The bonds created through these guilds add a social element to Metastrike, much like in real-wartime situations, further contributing to the authentic experience it provides. This feature is a valuable tool that will bring out the ultimate competitor in all of our users and makes for a far more engaging ecosystem.

A Welcomed Change

The Metastrike team wanted to do more than simply create a fun game for players to participate in. Our goal from the outset was to connect with our player base on a deeper level and provide them with top-tier FPS gaming features that delivered a realistic experience, unlike any previous metaverse before ours. With in-game assets that provide real-world value, multiple game modes, and our VR feature, Metastrike brings about a refreshing change to the oversaturated RPG market and one that ensures the long-term sustainability of our ecosystem.

About Metastrike

Metastrike is a blockchain-based virtual reality FPS-RPG that delivers top-tier gameplay and graphics. It also features an equitable play-to-earn economy that rewards players for their time and dedication to improving their skills in the game. The game features an array of digital assets that players can collect and trade on the open market such as weapons, skins, projectiles, and more. The team is made up of blockchain experts, game designers, marketing leaders, and engineers all at the top of their respective fields.

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