XMANNA Integration With Gaming and Empowering Gamers to Monetize Their Efforts

Jan 12
XMANNA Integration With Gaming and Empowering Gamers to Monetize Their Efforts

XMANNA is leveraging a new and emerging sector of the multibillion-dollar gaming market to create an improved atmosphere for fans at live sporting events. Through the infusion of play-to-earn gaming, the XMANNA app provides clubs and advertisers with a medium to engage directly with those in attendance with rewards-based incentives while, at the same time, increasing revenue. Our app utilizes an SDK (Software Development Kit) that enables developers to sidestep the long, drawn-out process of game development and quickly create single or multiplayer games for the XMANNA app on Android and IOS devices.

The SDK then integrates the XMANNA ecosystem — i.e. the fans in attendance — into the game, which can include tournament-style competitions with exciting rewards such as cash, discounts, and VIP experiences. It’s an innovative approach to revive a declining market (live sports) and give attendees more reasons to buy tickets and cheer on their favorite teams.

Setting the Stage for a New P2E Audience

Imagine being alongside thousands of fans, watching your favorite team play, while at the same time all participating in a play-to-earn game that could leave fans, clubs, and advertisers big winners. This is what XMANNA sets out to achieve by unlocking rewards for attendees and new revenue streams for stadiums and advertisers. Our app will feature an array of games that sponsors can select from and utilize throughout the events. They can select the games at their own discretion as some, such as tournament-style games, might be appropriate for specific occasions.

However, users are not limited to only the games XMANNA provides. Developers will have the ability to import play-to-earn games they’ve created or create new ones within the XMANNA ecosystem and connect them to a large pool of excited users. This flexibility gives clubs and sponsors a greater chance of catering to the behaviors and interests of the intended audience and providing a more tailored play-to-earn gaming experience.

Earning with XMANNA

The XMANNA platform targets a new generation of audiences that are far more tech-savvy than previous ones and have a deep-rooted appreciation for the value of technology and digital assets. However, this is not to say that someone older would find it difficult to utilize the app. XMANNA is user-friendly for individuals of all experience levels, creating a barrier-free entry into the play-to-earn ecosystem it features. The $XMAN token will serve as the platform’s main reward feature that users can trade for other currencies on the open market and also stake to earn passive income rewards and team token launchpad access.

Unlocking Rewards for Players

Rewards earned from XMANNA are plentiful and can come in various forms. This includes Bonus Cash, an in-game-only rewards currency distributed to players with high engagement and participation. Also available is the XMANNA Rewards Section which can be accessed by users of the app. It provides several claimable time-based rewards offered by sponsors and clubs. The Rewards Section features a prize wheel that users can engage with after accumulating special tickets obtained through consistent participation in XMANNA games and promotional activities.

Trophies & Ribbons

Winning P2E games will also earn players trophies that will indicate their rank on XMANNA leaderboards, with major prizes awarded to the highest-ranking players. The Free-to-Play version of our app will award players ribbons that provide the same rank measuring function.


The NFT prizes offered on the XMANNA platform make up an important part of our P2E model and correspond to real-world tangible rewards and VIP experiences. Winners of these NFTs can choose to claim them or sell them to other users on the open market.

Maximizing Low-Cost Fan Engagement

In the past, stadiums and sponsors would spend exorbitant amounts of capital to generate revenue from fans, offering prizes that did not hit home enough to result in a healthy ROI. When combining this with steadily declining attendance numbers, the task of keeping fans engaged and excited became exponentially more challenging.

XMANNA accounts for the rapidly changing demographics by providing attendees with activities and prizes that resonate with them while at the same time accomplishing this task in a very cost-effective manner. The result? Fans are exposed to content and gaming contests that appeal to them, getting them more active and boosting not only their earning potential but that of advertisers as well. The ripple effect can be felt across different sports and markets across the world, as XMANNA’s platform offers unparalleled versatility and scalability.

Cheer, Play, Earn!

The XMANNA team has set forth on a mission to deliver on every objective laid out in our roadmap. While it may seem ambitious, we are committed to making sure all deadlines are met and this includes major partnership announcements with professional sports clubs and the unveiling of unreal game engine support on our platform. Above all else, the XMANNA team will ensure our users will enjoy an abundance of earning opportunities for lucrative rewards, all the while taking their live sports experience to never-before-seen heights.


XMANNA takes an innovative approach to improve the overall fan experience at live stadium events. This scalable state-of-the-art app enables stadiums, clubs, and advertisers to connect with their fanbase and incentivize them to participate in games, tournaments, and various other play-to-earn features that offer rewards-based incentives. This ultimately stimulates the in-stadium economy as more fans are inclined to attend live sporting and gaming events hosted by them and ensures a healthy ROI for advertisers as state-of-the-art KPIs provide insights into important trends and behaviors.

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