Our team

  • Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

    CEO and founder

  • Kinsa Durst

    Marketing advisor

  • Marco Calicchia

    Blockchain advisor, Certik

  • Emma Liu

    Blockchain advisor, NFT

  • Theo Ohene

    Growth Marketing

  • Micheal McLarnon

    Project administrator/ public relations

  • Melissa Truman

    Social Media

  • Luwaiza Mirza

    Content editor

  • Shah Malik

    Legal Counsel

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Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

CEO and founder

BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCP (UK) AMInstLM PGCert (MMed) FHEA. An award winning academic, serial entrepreneur and international educationalist. An investor and integral advisor to many tier 1 projects in NFT and Defi.

As an early-stage blockchain investor, multinational VC advisor, Deeban has developed impressive investment achievements with a 25x portfolio growth 2019-21 (current portfolio). Deeban has advised on over 50 million dollars with of funding during this time and has extensive experience in developing go-to-market strategies, long term viability, quality control and accountability processes.

He acts as a strategic advisor to many other venture capital funds and works in close collaboration with the teams of companies he invests in; therefore, holds an impressive network of high-value individuals that can support business growth through partnerships.

As an entrepreneur he co-founded two of his own start-ups that host high SEO pages and an international audience. One, leading UK medical education courses (oslersroom.com) with students that attend from 8 countries across Europe, India, and the second a LinkedIn style academic collaboration platform (remarxs.com). Therefore has a wide immediate network for influence. His team include an impressive portfolio of growth marketers, and he understands and delivers complex business analytics and integration with ‘R’.

As an academic, and university lecturer, he has won over 30 national and international awards, including some of the most impressive in his field such as the prestigious American Thoracic Society assembly award, and BSS Collin-Sullivan research award; in additional to numerous national educational awards. His work has been cited in policy papers around the world and he currently completes a PhD programme in London.

Kinsa Durst

Marketing advisor

I was the Chief Marketing Officer of Reef Finance, and I am the director of Crypto Marketing for Republic. I advise on marketing strategy on many tier 1 projects in Blockchain. As a Partner at DeFi Code (defi-code.com) the #1 DeFi blockchain Go-To-Market agency, I utilize my fluency in Korean, Mandarin and English and my previous experience as CMO at Sperax to provide customized marketing, BD and PR strategies for DeFi projects.

Coming from a multicultural background, I am passionate about bringing early-stage projects into the mainstream and serving as a bridge for projects between Asia and the U.S. As a humanistic techie, I am passionate about global cryptocurrency adoption. Email me at kinsa@defi-code.com to learn more.

Marco Calicchia

Blockchain advisor, Certik

Marco has over 8 years of Business Development experience in SaaS and Blockchain, working in small teams with big ambitions. He is currently the head of business development at Certik, one of the world’s leading security-focused ranking platform to analyse and monitor blockchain protocols and DeFi projects.

As well as expertise in code-audit, Marco has extensive business experience. He has managed and scaled teams, advised start-ups, and managed multiple companies. Having been involved in Blockchain since 2016, he’s a veteran that has seen it all, spoken at multiple blockchain events, and hosted panels.

We introduce Marco into projects which require code safe-guarding, business development, partnerships and relationship management, scaling and managing teams and building successful sale strategies. It’s an honor to have Marco as part of the team at GD10.

Emma Liu

Blockchain advisor, NFT

Co-Founder and CEO of ChainGuardians.io, an early blockchain pioneer and NFT enthusiast. Emma spearheaded ChainGuardians whose tokens growth was one of the outstanding performers or 2020/21 and has continued to perform strongly. Emma is a facilitator, advisor to many other gaming projects including Ethermon, and is advising GD10 from an NFT, gaming perspective.

Prior to blockchain, Emma was in both public and private sectors managing several multi-million dollar projects. She was a managing partner at Global Crypto Solutions, and a longer term Senior Management Consultant with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Here she led multi-million dollar IT business’ and projects from end-to-end, implements standards to 600+ organisations across the province.

Theo Ohene

Growth Marketing

Theo is an experienced growth marketer/advisor who helps teams to improve their key growth metrics, reduce their user acquisition costs and learn the principles of growth marketing. He worked with Republic where he helped drive over $20 million attributable investment into startups and crypto businesses. He has 10+ years of growth marketing experience and has worked with 50+ companies on growth strategy, analytics, user acquisition and email marketing. He previously led growth for venture-backed startups in San Francisco, Las Vegas and London. He is also the founder of Skyamo – a growth consultancy for startups and is a Growth Expert in Residence at Kings College, University of London

Micheal McLarnon

Project administrator/ public relations

Michael is an MSc graduate and currently completing a medical degree. He enjoys participating in academic research, critical and academic analysis and writing papers. In the past, he has been heavily involved in conference organisation, multi-centre research and has held several leadership roles. He has translated his passion for content writing and critical analysis into writing about emerging technologies after witnessing huge strides in the adoption of blockchain technology during the 2020/21 cycle.

Michael is an MSc graduate and currently completing a medical degree. He enjoys participating in academic research, critical and academic analysis and writing papers. He followed Dr Ratneswaran into blockchain and supports with administration and public relations.

Melissa Truman

Social Media

After beginning my medical degree, I became more interested in how the world around me remains connected both in person and through the power of social media.

I have undertaken numerous social media roles, most notably being the social media representative for international academic platform Remarxs.com, which connects students from all over the world with blogs and research projects. I have also been involved in content creation and had social media ambassador roles in retail and for different international projects and conferences – one, in particular, was across 74 different countries with an estimated reach of 1.4 million people.

My most recent social media ambassador role to date was supporting the Clinician Engineer Hub conference, which was seen globally with over 27 million impressions on Twitter. I am now excited to be part of the GD10 ventures team, joining as a content producer and social media advisor.

Please follow our main handle @GD10V

Luwaiza Mirza

Content editor

Luwaiza has BSc in Management from Imperial College Business School, as well as currently completing a medical degree. She has a special interest in entrepreneurship and global-health and had been a part of integrating Remarxs for use in academic institutions. As part of GD10 Ventures, she is responsible for blog production, editing, and sharing to our other websites, such as Remarxs.com, which ranks top in the UK for key search terms and on the second page in the states.

As part of GD10 Ventures, she is responsible for blog production, editing, and sharing to our other websites which rank top in the UK for key search terms and on the second page in the states.

Shah Malik

Legal Counsel

Shah operates in a non-executive, honorary capacity with GD10 Ventures. Shah trained in the London office of an international law firm before qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales. Shah has broad cross-border debt finance experience across a range of industry sectors including aviation, shipping, healthcare, real estate and financial institutions and has worked in London and the Middle East.